26 September 2013

Review: 2D Cartoon Bag

A few months ago I was in the queue for the cinema when I noticed a young teenager with an eye-catching bag.  It was a bag that looked totally 2D and cartoon like, but it could clearly hold things inside.  It really messed with my head and I couldn't help but stare, tapping my friend to get him to look too, he was mesmerised.  Unfortunately I lost sight of her and felt annoyed I hadn't had chance to go over and ask where she got it from.  A few hours later I was scouring the internet and after some disappointment (it seemed to be sold out in lots of places) I finally tracked one down in the style and colour I wanted at little shabby chic boutique
Clockwise from top left: front when flat, side when flat, side when opened out, back pocket, front when opened out, inside
It was on sale, down from £24.95 to £17.95, so I quickly snapped up a bargain.  It arrived quickly and I couldn't wait to try it out!  Even in person this can still mess with your head, the trick of the eye that makes it look 2D is really well done.  I was worried when i discovered the zip pocket on the back, as I thought this was the only storage area and although I know storage is limited due to the 2D design, I couldn't fit more then a miniature notebook and pen in!  However I soon discovered that the front flap opened just like a regular satchel bag to where the main storage area is.  This is credit to the design that I thought it was just for show, it looks so unreal!  This offers more room, enough for an average sized book, purse and a few other small necessities, about the same a small handbag.  

In short, I love it, I love the design and the style, it's really unique.  The only negative aspect is that it's kind of fiddley.  In order to create the effect, the bag is actually a kind of triangle shape it you look at it from the side, meaning it can be awkward trying to get things out in a rush, as it is tighter at the top.  It also makes it kind of difficult to see what your looking for inside.  The worst part is the zip pocket at the back, that is so tight it's difficult to fit anything useful in and very hard to get anything in or out easily, it seems like a bit of an unnecessary feature.  I still think it's worth it for the cool design but it wouldn't use it as an everyday bag.  

Unfortunately the bag I bought isn't on the website anymore (I have been meaning to get round to this post for a while) but there are bags in the same design but different colours or slightly differently designs.  There all 30% off at the moment so defiantly worth checking out if this catches your eye, if your interested you can check them all out here.  So what do you think?  Would you wear something like this?  Do you think it's cool or a bit gimmicky?  Share your thoughts bellow, I'd love to hear them.

Kariss x

25 September 2013

Kariss Craves: Disney Couture....

Or do I?  Truth be told Disney Couture is a bit of an enigma for me, in theory I should love it.  I mean, I love all things Disney, especially Alice in Wonderland, and although I don't tend to wear it very often, most of the jewellery I own has some kind of character on it.  However I was surprised to find I wasn't as over joyed as I thought with much of the line.

When I had the idea for this section I was excited to start scouring online for all the lovely pieces I could dream of calling me own, however I stumbled across a few problems.  My first issue is the fact there seems to be an emphasis on gold jewellery, something i personally dislike (the colour not the metal, I am fine with white gold) and there are so many pieces I know I'd love if only it wasn't in that colour.  Secondly i believe much of it is over priced, although most of my jewellery is from the kid section at Clare's Accessories, (no really) and I am, admittedly, drawn towards cheap, plastic and colourful pieces on the whole, I have no issue with paying for quality.  However some of the pricing here seems ridiculous, I saw a plastic fake pearl Minnie necklace similar to one I've bought for no more then a few pounds, costing almost £150!  And another layered red plastic bead necklace, really nothing special, that costs nearly £500!  Finally I find some of the choices tacky.  Like I said, I love Alice in Wonderland but I find most of the related jewellery predictable and cheap looking.  Dog tags with "Alice" written on or bracelets full of of keys are both unoriginal and can be found much cheaper elsewhere.  Another thing I found strange is that Disney Couture seems to be much harder to find generally these days, both online and in the high street.

There are, of course, things I do like.  There are a lot of items I appreciate but wouldn't wear myself as there not my style or I simply wouldn't pay so much money for.  Here are a couple of my favourite items:


Icon Tinkerbell beaded Crystal Acorn Bracelet, £59 from Zentosa 
Have Faith in Your Dreams bangle, £27.99 from jukupop, (available in other colours on various websites)
Think of a Wonderful Thought bangle, £25.00 from Truffleshuffle (available in other colours from various websites)
Twitterpaited bangle, £31.99 from Ebay (available in other colours from various websites)
Alice in Wonderland Eat Me, Drink Me bracelet, £64.99 Ebay 
I think of all the collections I've looked at, the bangles are the thing I'd be most likely to buy, there reasonably subtle and you can get them in different colours so it would be a nice contrast.  I'm loving bottle greens at the moment with it being autumn so the Twitterpaited bangle is my favourite, I think the other bracelets are nice but the price is unjustifiable, especially the Tinkerbell beaded bracelet, which is cute but fairly cheap looking and defiantly not worth the heavy price tag.


Villains Red Chrystal Poisoned Apple Snow White ring,  £35.97 from ebay
Tinkerbell Believe ring, 21.97 from Amazon

I only have one ring, it's one I got with the money my Granddad gave me when he died, I hardly ever wear it because its white gold and i've worn it to work a couple of times and had to have it reshaped due to some mishaps with set and stage weights,  I am too scared to loose it by taking it off and on, so i've not been wearing it recently.  However I am starting a new career soon, an office job no less!  So I can start wearing them again, so these are a good place to start, as I said before i don't like gold coloured jewellery but the silver version of the Snow White ring has a black apple on top so i'd prefer this version with it's eye catching red.


Gold Plated "Who Are You?" necklace and earrings, £21.00 from Ebay
Black And White Enamelled Minnie Bow necklace, £67.50 from Amazon
Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach Locket necklace, £6.80 Amazon
Carosel necklace, £7.80 from Amazon 
Junkyard Mickey pendant,  £137.47 from Amazon 
Well the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite characters so I couldn't resist putting this in here even if it is gold, as its hard to find things with this character on.  I wouldn't wear the earrings as I don't have pierced ears but I still think it's cute.  This one, the pumpkin and the carousel are all massively reduced at the moment so if your interested, I'd check them out quickly!  The bow is cute and the Junkyard is very cool and unusual but again, price is an issue.

So there you are, I hope you don't mind my moaning!  I'm just trying to be honest, and it's all a question of taste to be honest.  Do you like any of these?  Or do you have other Disney Couture items you love?  I'd love to hear about them

Kariss x

22 September 2013

Day Out in London

I have had a lot going on in my personal life this week and its the same next week, so i appolagise for my relative quietness.  Hopefully mid-week I'll have some kind of normality back and I can relax a bit and get back to writing.  Anyway, Boyface live in Hertford so when I went to visit him recently we decided to spend the day in London.  First up we visited the Natural History Museum
Clockwise from top: Natural History Museum building, Boyface inside the earth, outside the planet room
We did manage to spot this out of date error, many places in the space area still listed Pluto as a plannet!

We didn't get round all of it before it shut unfortunately, but we did get time to check out the insect rooms, the blue whale, the space parts and of course the dino's
After this we walked into Soho because I wanted to try my first bubble tea.  We soon found the Bubbleology cafe and after some deliberation I chose coconut milk bubble tea with tapioca and mango bursting purls, Boyface had apple tea with tapioca and strawberry bursting purls (i think).  To be honest I didn't think i'd be a fan, I was worried I'd be expecting it to taste like milkshake and it would actually taste like an unsweetened cold fruit tea (I was clearly over thinking this!).  Anyway I loved it, i'd would definably stick with the milk based teas rather then the fruit ones, they are very sweet but I've got a sweet tooth so that's fine by me, you can order half sugar if you prefer.  The cafe itself is science lab themed which I liked, complete with staff in lab coats and "geek" glasses, the prices were totally reasonable, I'll defiantly be back.
Afterwards we went to meet with my sister for a drink in Leicester Square then on to Chiquitos for food.  I had a cosmopolitan, boy had beer and we both had some tasty Mexican.  I had fajitas and boy had pulled pork wraps, super tasty.
Later we went to loading bar, a cafe that lets you play video games.  No photos here unfortunately as  we were in the basement area and it was pretty small.  We had game based cocktails while playing Lego Star Wars on the Xbox, there ware various consoles and arcade machines but you couldn't choose where you sat so depending where you were seated depends what you played, so this was a little irritating but the selection of games were good and the drinks were ok.  It was a little too marrow to be comfortable in the basement area (having a guy press his crotch into my back every time he tried to get past was not fun) and some of the equipment was faulty but its an interesting concept.  I think if i came mid week and were sat somewhere upstairs I would probably have enjoyed it more.

So that was our day, we left for the train home before midnight happy and very sleepy.  Does anyone have any unusual things to do in London for me to check out?  I'd love to know about it :)

16 September 2013

Favorite Quotes and Lyrics #7

This is getting very lyric heavy!  But it's what I like I guess so there you are.  This next song I love because it pretty much sums up my attitude towards religion, also it's a kick ass song! 

I won't bow to something that I've never seen,
I can't believe in something that doesn't believe in me,
I'm not blood of your blood, I'm no son of your god,
I've not faith in your fate,
Still I find salvation
-Salvation, Five Finger Death Punch

I think that's pretty self explanatory, no video with this one because Sony has band them in my country so look it up on Spotify.  There my fighting to be my favourite metal band with Killswitch Engage, which to say I don't really listen to metal anymore, does mean something significant.  Oh and they are INCREDIBLE live :)

15 September 2013

Kariss Visits: Ripon Museums

When I was a kid my mum would always take me to a museum or something similar once a week during the summer holidays.  Now I'm 25 and my younger sister is 17 but it's still something we try and do.  After deciding we didn't want to travel too far I began looking for things to do in Yorkshire that we hadn't already been to.  Eventually I stumbled upon Ripon and it's three museums, the Workhouse Museum and Gardens, the Police and Prison Museum and the Courthouse Museum.

So we jumped in the car and off we went, all the museums are within walking distance of each other and you can buy a ticket that allows you to visit all three for much less then buying them all separately and once you've bought the ticket, you can come back all year for free!  First off we went to the Workhouse Museum

Top: Museum entrance
Bottom: Museum Gardens 
This was the largest and I believe the most interesting of the museums. The Museum is built into an original work house which really adds to the authenticity and feel of the building, knowing that you are walking into rooms which were used for the purpose that are being discussed.  It takes you through the rooms where the people who owned the workhouse worked, in stark contrast to the rooms the destitute and homeless stayed in.  Behind the museum, buildings still remain that made up the factories people worked in and although they are now used for community purposes it is still interesting to see.

Next up we visited the Police and Prison Museum 
Adding to my collection of "pictures of myself in stilly hats at museums" 
It was explained as we entered that it used to be the local prison, and later the police station, for this reason it is split into two sections, downstairs was police history and upstairs jail history.  It was strange but really cool going round a museum where all the exhibits are in jail cells.  The building has been barley changed for 100s of years (including the stairs) so it's a really interesting place to wonder round.

And lastly the Courthouse Museum 

Another museum using a building that uses its original purpose.  This is the smallest of all the museums but is a nice add on to the others.  The courtroom is basically unchanged since the 1830's and although there are only three rooms it's worth checking out.  Educational and interesting with of the obligatory british museum dummies, always on the right side of creepy.

I wouldn't say that individually these are worth going out of your way to see as none of them are a full day alone, but together they make for a fun family day out.  Theres plenty of information for all ages in all 3 and with them closing at 4 it leaves you time to check out Ripon too, I just wish I'd taken more photos.  What's that, not enough silly hats? ok then....


14 September 2013

Haul: Charity shop Book Finds

Yesterday I had to go to the hospital for some tests, nothing serious but not a fun experience never the less.  On my way back I called into town to buy a birthday card for my sister and decided to reward myself for managing to pass all the lovely smelling Greggs without caving in by having "just a quick look" in a charity shop I was passing to have a browse at the books.  Now usually my expectations are quite low for charity shopping in my home town as there are normally just lots of Catherine Cookson books and the like.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's just not my thing, however this time I was lucky and before I knew it I'd visited them all and managed quite a few finds so I thought I'd share them with you here.

First up I found this:

The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes, Published by Vintage Books, RRP £7.99
I'm going to first of all apologise to those people who are driven mad by people leaving stickers on books, but I'm the opposite.  If I get a book brand new it has to look pristine however if I get it second hand, and it's rare that I do, I like that I can see it's history.  Anyway this is a book that I knew has great reviews and was eyeing it up in Waterstones only last week, I don't know a great deal about the plot but I'm excited to find out more.  Vintage Books always seem to have something special about them and in this case the blackening you see towards the right had side of the cover carries on towards the pages, all the page ends are black.  I adore little touches like that.  The book is in pretty good condition, only one miner spine crease that only someone as obsessive as me would notice so I guess it has only been read once.  I got it for £1.00 from Cancer Research.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, Published by Sphere,  RRP £7.99
This is a strange choice for me because as a general rule I hate romance novels.  However this is so well loved I decided recently to give it a chance (however I recently made this mistake with One Day and didn't enjoy that at all).  I even watched the film about a year ago so maybe there's hope for me and this book, I mean if so many people love it, it can't be that bad right?  Plus if it is, at least it's short!  I would never pay full price for this book because it's not my normal thing so I was happy to find this.  Even happier that it doesn't have the film cover on the front (I despise books with film covers and wouldn't have bought it if it had, yes I'm a snob).  You can tell this book has been read but it doesn't really concern me with this particular book ( I even found a little note inside with someones wedding ideas in, how cute ).  I got it for £1.00 also from the Cancer Research shop.

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, Published by Picador, RRP £7.99
I recently read Alice's other book/memoir Lucky and really enjoyed it, although enjoyed seems to be the wrong term (if you've read it you will know what I mean).  I'd heard about this book long before then and considered picking it up but it wasn't a top priority, having read her other work I am now much happier to have found this.  I know this is also dark like her other book and I love a bit of dark contemporary and it's also one of my friends favourites.  This book has clearly been read but is in good condition other then a decent spine crease, this came in at the cheapest at £0.95p from AgeUK.

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, Published by Vintage Books, RRP £7.99
Another romance novel, what's going on with me!  Although I believe there is more to this then just a romance if what I believe is true.  I've heard so many good things about this book from so many different people that I'd be stupid to say it doesn't intrigue me, and I believe it's one of Amy's favourite books if I'm not mistaken.  I did watch the film with Amy and my other housemate at the time Jess and was accused of being heartless for not crying so lets see if the book hits me any harder.  This book is brand new, it's clearly never been read so I don't mind that this was slightly more expensive at £2.00 from Alzheimer'sreaserchUK.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, Published by Time Warner, RRP £6.99
Here's another book plenty of people seem to have read and loved that I've never gotten round.  I know a lot of people have picked this book up from charity shops so this feels almost like I'm carrying on a tradition.  This book has clearly been read and bought multiple times and has evidence of about 4/5 charity shop stickers on it's cover but I feel like that just adds to it's character.  I picked this up for £1.00 from Barnsley Hospice 

So there you go, looks like a good day to me!  I mean yeah I shouldn't necessarily have bought them having got 25 unread books already to get through but I love them all and will get round to them all eventually.  Probably some of these rather quickly because it feels like I have hardly read any contemporary this year and I love contemporary.  Also one way of looking at it I have saved £40.99!  Please leave a comment if you'd like me to review any of these by the way or if you've read them yourself.  Oh and I may have also bought this:

I'm such a cool 25 year old 


13 September 2013

OOTD: Wedding addition

This summer I had my first ever friend wedding, a true sign I'm getting old!  My collage friend Steve and his lovely lady Kayleigh were due to get married in my home town at the end of august.  I also got invited to be a plus one to my boyfriends close friend's wedding in July in Devon.

I haven't been to a wedding since my early teens and after been scorned by my mum at the idea of wearing a dress I already had (i'm so not aware of these girl rules!) I decided it was time to head to the shops.  My mum agreed to buy me the dress as I am "between jobs" at the moment and strapped for cash, so the dress hunt was on!  I had a quick look online to get some idea to what your supposed to wear to these kind of events, then I let the trekking commence!  After a full day of shopping with no luck I had a brain wave, I'd seen a dress online weeks earlier but couldn't justify it, now I had the perfect chance, even if it wasn't traditional wedding guest wear.  So here it is:

Top Left: White wicker bag, from Ebay (originally Primark) £4.99,
Top right and bottom left: Melanie dress by Hell Bunny in Green, from www.Rockabillypinup.co.uk £42.50,
Bottom right: Green bow headband from a set (including matching hair bobbles and hair grips) from Tammy Girl £1.00
Centre: Limited Collection open toe and strap sandals,  from Marks and Spencer £15.00
So there you have it, I LOVE the dress, plus its defiantly one I would wear again without having to be at a formal occasion and it meant I could keep my own style.  I also had to keep in mind my bright pink hair and thought this vintage mint green colour would be perfect.  The shoes matched so well and were rather comfortable at the first wedding but hell at the second (don't ask me why but after 20 mins I was begging for my flats, they cut me rather badly).  The purse I had actually owned previously in a darker colour and after a lot of hunting I managed to find it in white (i couldn't find another white bag that could fit my flats in that wasn't patent and tacky, plus this fits the vintage feel).  Finally the headband, I wanted something that complemented the dress and although I originally wanted a fascinator or something fancy and vintage I was very aware of the fact that the only person I knew at the first wedding would be my other half so I didn't want to wear anything that would draw too much attention to myself, so I went for something simple.  I stumbled across this headband with matching hair bobbles and hair grips for a bargin £1.00 from Tammy Girl, yes it is made for a child but I have a tiny head so whose going to know.

So the first wedding:

I didn't manage to get any pictures till the evening and no full length photos, sorry about that.  The morning was a bit of a mad rush with the Mr getting ready to be bridesmaid (yes you read that right!) so i forgot my belt and my makeup makeup became a bit rushed.  I had bought some super cheap own brand hair tongs from Superdrug for £9.99 to curl my hair with and managed to convince Mr to curl it for me.  However by the time these photos were taken the curls had dropped out (I forgot hairspray) and my make up had all but faded. It was a very fun day :)

Then onto the second wedding:

I actually managed to get a full length picture, admittedly it was taken in the bathroom of the pub across the road from the wedding venue but I never claimed to be sophisticated!  I kept my hair strait this time mainly because there was no one home when I was getting ready to give me a hand.  Other then then that not a lot changed other then me actually remembering my belt this time!  Also these photos made me realise how bad my posture is!

So there you have it, the girl who can't dress herself managed to dress herself...just about.  What do you think?  appropriate wedding attire? any tips for the future, drop me a comment and let me know :)


7 September 2013

Favorite Quotes and Lyrics #6

It has just occurred to me that over all the weeks of doing this quotes and lyrics part of my blog, I have never explained the quote that I named my blog after!  A travesty!  So here we go:

I can try to get by
But every time I start to panic
I'm a little bit shy
A bit strange and a little bit manic

So there you are!  It's a lyric from the song Wishing Well by Blink 182, from there latest album Neighbourhoods, which I don't believe got the recognition it deserved.  I've been in love (see obsessed) with Blink 182 since I picked up Take Off Your Pants and Jacket at the age of 14.  They were a huge influence on my teenage years.  They were the first band I ever booked to see and the second band I ever saw live.  I saw them again twice last year and still had as much fun as ever, it's like stepping into a time warp for me, makes me feel young again.  
These lyrics in particular stood out to me because it describes me so well, shy, strange and manic.  So the rest, as they say, is history :)

Check out the song here: 


Kariss Craves: Sugarpill

Now I don't wear make up very often, and i wear eyeshadow even less.  To be totally honest I don't know what I'm doing with it and tend to just stay away unless it's covering my lids in a chunk of black glitter eyeshadow for my goth/ rock nights (I use Petrol Black by Barry M  if your interested).  Inventive? no, easy? yes, although somehow I still manage to get it all over my face.

I do own the Alice in Wonderland palette by Urban Decay (simply because its Alice in Wonderland so I couldn't not own it) and the Smokin Eyes palette from Benefit and that's it.  Most of the colours in the Alice in Wonderland palette didn't really interest me (and I still have no clue what to do with them, outside of covering my lids in one colour like a 12 year old, I am clueless) So the only colours I used were the black and white.  The Benefit palette came with foolproof instructions and yet somehow I never could quite get the hang of it, once more, i only really made a dint in the black.  Also I have a confession, in a recent attempt to try something different (and heavily influenced by my industrial gothic ladies whose bright makeup always looks amazing and immaculate) I have used hair chalk on my lids, pink eye chalk to be exact.  Although this did occasionally look successful it did not look so great the nest day when I had suspicious looking pink stained lids (it does not come off!) 

That being said I've started seeing Sugarpill cosmetics around increasingly and I think i'm in love!  The pigments are incredible, so bright!  I've seen so many pictures of people looking amazing using them that it's really inspired me and hey, it might make me brave enough to actually give them ago!  I can no way afford these anytime soon but here are some of the colours i'd love to get my hands on.  Anyway, a girl can dream.....

First up, a few of my favourite pressed eyeshadows 

Velocity pressed eyeshadow $12.00
Mochi pressed eyeshadow $12.00
Poison Plum pressed eyeshadow $12.00
Dollipop Pressed eyeshadow $12.00
Midori pressed eyeshadow $12.00
Afterparty pressed eyeshadow $12.00

Sugarpill do four palettes, all $34.00 and the colours from this one appeal to me the most.

Sweetheart Palette $34.00 (right picture from I am nymphette )

Next up the thing i'm most excited about, glittery loose shadows, what's not to love!
Birthday girl loose eyeshadow $12.00
Tipsy loose eyeshadow $12.00
Weekender loose eyeshadow $12.00
Decora loose eyeshadow $12.00
Goldilux loose eyeshadow $12.00 (right picture from maliberry makeup) 
Hysteric loose eyeshadow $12.00
Royal Sugar loose eyeshadow $12.00
Starling loose eyeshadow $12.00
Tiara loose eyeshadow $12.00
They do loose eyes shadow sets containing some of my favourites from above too

Left- Atomic loose eyeshadow trio containing Lumi, Decora and Royal Sugar  $30.00
Right- Frostbitten loose eyeshadow trio containing Birthday Girl, Tiara and Darling $30.00

And finally, Sugarpills newest and brightest collection Elektro Cute, I've seen some samples of these on and they seem amazing, could have been made for me! the only colour i'd be unsure of is the yellow
Elektro cute, clockwise from top right: Hellatronic neon pigment, Hi-Viz neon pigment, Love Buzz neon pigment, Sparkage neon pigment, Supercharged neon pigment.  All $16.00

So that's all of it!  As you can tell I really struggled to choose, and this was after I "banned" myself from looking at blacks and whites.  It would seem i really want some blues and pinks, but there all beautiful how could I ever choose!  There a tutorials online so I might actually be able to achieve some of these looks (I can dream).  Heres to hoping I get a decent job sometime soon so I can treat myself to some crazy colour!

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