29 October 2013

Giveaway: Johnsons Jewellers!

I've teamed up with the great guys over at Johnsons Jewellers to host my first ever giveaway!  The prize is so lovely I'm really glad to have been given the chance to host this give away and pass it on to one of you lucky readers!

For those of you who don't know, Johnsons Jewellers are a company based in Warwickshire and online.  They sell one of the widest range of high quality accessories I've ever seen, for all kinds of budgets, including really high end brands such as Rolex, Armani and Swarovski.  Most impressively they have been trading for 116 years!  Here's what they have to say:

We have been family jewellers since 1897, working with beautiful gems, the most exquisite diamonds and exclusive timepieces. With over 115 years’ experience, we know how important it is to provide beautiful pieces to treasure for a lifetime. We combine our traditional, high quality service with our accessible, online offering, both with the same attention to detail and customer satisfaction that we pride ourselves on.

Great huh?  So now on to the prizes, you ready?  Here we go!

Its a fabulous Ti Sento black bead bracelet, RRP £35.00 and a Ti Sento Vintage Couture Charm, RRP £35.00.  An amazing total value of £70.00!  They are both great looking items, definitely on trend at the moment and super versatile!  All you need to do to win this great prize is follow the instructions bellow!

It ends on the first of December, so perfect time to grab a gift for someone with Christmas just round the corner (or of course, a gift for yourself!)  The best of luck!

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24 October 2013

Review: Turtlemeter Bath Toy Thermometer

My lovely friend Clare has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl.  At the same time I was contacted by the great people at Ozari to see if I wanted to review some of there products for them, so this turtle bath toy and thermometer jumped strait out to me, as I thought it would be really useful for her! 

It arrived quickly through a delivery service and was very well packaged, no chance of any damage!  On top of that I was very impressed with the packaging of the thermometer itself.  At first when I saw the blister package I panicked, preparing myself for some intense wrestling and cut fingers.  However when I opened it I realised it actually was designed to just pop open, total relief!  Especially if your trying to juggle a baby ( I was not, I have enough trouble trying to remember everything to get myself ready for a bath!)

It works so simply, all you do is put it in the bath.  That is literally it!  No messing with batteries or switches, you put it in water and it immediately turns itself on and gives you an accurate temperature reading.  I did film this to show just how quickly it works but unfortunately it wouldn't upload properly,  so you'll just have to believe me when i say it's instantaneous.  Just to make things even easier its colour coded (red for too hot, green for right temperature, blue for too cold) so even if your having a serious case of new mummy brain you will be able to tell with ease that the temperature is comfortable for your little one.  It tests the temperature every second too so theres no chance of them sitting in a cold bath.

Cool technical bits aside this makes a cute, fun bath toy that I'm sure ever child will enjoy playing with.  Its durable and can be completely submerged without issue (yes despite being 25 i got in the bath with this and fully tested it out!).  It would make a great gift this holiday season or a perfect baby shower present as it's not something people would naturally think of to buy for a new mum.  It usually retails for £19.99 but its currently available for £9.99 heree.

This product was sent to me for review, this does not effect my views on the product.  All opinions are my honest and my own

18 October 2013

Kariss Visits: The Museum of Lincolnshire Life

A few weeks ago I was visiting friends in Lincoln when for a change we decided to visit The Museum of Lincolnshire Life.  Despite having lived in Lincoln for 6 years I'd somehow never visited.  It's a free museum at the top of the infamously named Steep Hill (voted Britain's best street!) set in beautiful surroundings.  The architecture of the building is worth a look in itself.  I'm not certain, but the grounds look like an original castle or turret of some sort.

Photo courtesy of Elliot Sampford
The museum itself is set in a square around a central courtyard that is now a 'play area'.  The initial rooms take you through life in Lincolnshire over 100's of years, including the early Victorian years right through to the modern day, paying particular attention to Lincoln's military involvement.  Exploring further into the museum there is a seriously impressive display of vehicles; ranging from civilisation and industrial to military (including a full size tank)! The rest of the museum is dedicated to showcasing the work place back in the Second World War era (such as post offices etc).  Unfortunately we didn't get to look around all of this area as the museum had closed (unknowingly to us) and we unwittingly got locked in!  Earlier in the day when walking through an exhibit of the 1st World War (complete with slightly creepy dummies and bomb effects), an employee had commented that you wouldn't want to be stuck in here at night, as it's like Night at the Museum.  He didn't realise how close we nearly came to finding out why!  Luckily the situation was quickly resolved and we were on our way!
The museum really does have something for all ages, there's enough information to teach adults plenty of things whilst having lots of activities for children to keep them occupied. The children's 'play area'  was suitable for a wide range of ages and was decorated and themed so that it matched the tone of the exhibit  (I believe there's a tank and a bomb shelter to play in!).  Overall it's a great little museum and well worth popping into if you're in the area.

Of course, with it being the end of a blog post about a museum that can only mean one thing: silly photos time!


9 October 2013

New Job: New Wardrobe

I've been a bit quieter then normal on here, I've been away visiting the boy, preparing for my driving test, getting ill and getting ready to start my new job in a couple of days. That's right, I'm starting a new job!  I'm hanging up my steel toe-capped boots and slipping into some brogues as I make the switch from Theatrical Lighting Technician to Digital Marketing Assistant at a local non-fiction publishers.  With this in mind i've been hunting for clothes and accessories for my new job because lets face it, it's much easier to look at the fun part of work then it is the nerve wracking serious stuff.  

I've been told when you start a new job you shouldn't buy anything new for the first couple of weeks, until you see what the dress code is and see what everyone else is wearing.  However seeing as what I wore to my last job was loose comfy hardwearing jeans and old black T-shits this can't really happen.  So I've tried to be sensible but lets face it, that's always a little hard.

So lets start of with the jacket
Dark Red Boyfriend Blazer (different colour to the one I bought) £19.99, internacionale
First I will just point out this isn't the same as the colour I bought, the one I've bought is black with grey turn up sleeves so it's a bit more work suitable and goes with a wider range of clothes.  It's a jersey material so its warm and comfortable and the style is professional yet relaxed.  I do already own a black blazer that I mainly wear to interviews but this is less restrictive and more feminine.  (sorry I didn't take photo's of the actual product but I'm ill so didn't fancy being in photo's)

Next up, tops
Left: green shirt, £6.00, Primark
Middle:black jumper, £27.50 reduced to £17.00, Marks and Spencers
Right:Sheer Bow shirt, £12.00,  Select
To be totally honest I don't really want to be wearing trousers and tops in the long run, I'd love to be able to wear smart dresses everyday!  In the meantime however I need to play it a little safe.  The green shirt i'll defiantly be wearing on my first day (it is en emeralde green it just looks blue on pictures) with black trousers as its the safest option.  I really struggled to find fitted shirt because its the wrong time of year and when I did find them, none of them fit round my dam hips or upper legs without being massive everywhere else (dam triangle shape body!).  I liked this because it adds a splash of colour to an otherwise dark and simple outfit.  The second jumper proves that anything can be smartened up and feminised with a simple peter pan coller, this one has polkadots and 3/4 sleeves.  The final shirt was bought out of frustration at my lack of finding any normal shirts that would fit me right!  You can't tell in this picture but it is very sheer!  I've bought a cheap white cami top and bra to wear underneath so hopefully I can get away with it.  I love the japanese feel

Left: Nell tea Dress by Hell Bunny, Tigermilly, £32.50
Right: Mae West Tea Dress by Hell Bunny, Tigermilly, £32.50
In an ideal world I'd wear lovely, work appropriate vintage dresses everyday (and have pristine rockabilly hair and make up obviously but seeing as I hate mornings that is defiantly not going to happen) so until I can be certain on work wear I've bought these.  The first is very cute however because i have a short upper body it rests a little too low on me, and unlike the picture, it shows a bit too much cleavage.  I might have to try it out with a cami top underneath.  Also its a little bit too large round the bust, I possibly could have done with a size smaller but didn't have a chance to send it back in time to change it.  The second dress is also beautiful on, they are both longer on me then on the photos (a few inches below the knee) which is to be expected with me being only 5'3 and will take some getting used to.  I am also surprised that the material is quite thin unlike the thicker material used on usual Hell Bunny dresses, especially with them being for an autumn line.  However I can't see this causing much of a problem (other then increased ironing).  I'm hopeing that the blazer smartens these up enough to be work safe.

Left: Black patent Brogues, New Look, £24.99
Right: Cuban heel Lolita Court Shoes,  ebay, £19.98
Shiny patent shoes just like the first day at school!  I can't see me ever being able to wear heels every day I have small feet which seem to disagree with a lot of shoes and end up rubbing.  Also I'm just so dam clumsy!  Elegant I aint!  The white ones are really feminine and unique and although I think they may be harder to match with some of my clothes i'm sure i'll find a way of making them look great!

Clockwise from Left: Peter Pan collar , Ebay, £3.51.  Wool Pater tights in Gray and Black, Primark, £.  Frilly socks in black, pink, and white, Ebay, £1.69 each.  Teal and Pink Polka Dot Stachal, Shu Crazy, £24.99.  Rose Hardback Notebook, Cath kidston £8.00, Little Star Biro, Cath Kidston, £6.00
I have a few dresses I already think might be suitable for work so I thought this peter pan collar necklace might smarten them up a bit and add some variety, I managed to get this super cheap on an Ebay listing.  The knitted tights are perfect for winter and are a bit more interesting then normal tights.  The socks are cute and a little silly but I ordered them on Ebay from Japan and i'm hoping they'll add something cute to my clothes, especially when I wear my white shoes.  The satchel adds colour as well as smartness and is big enough to fit all my stuff in, and the Cath Kidston things were a cute gift from my mum.  All very first day at school eh?

So there it is, alot of stuff my mum has been nice enough to but me because I haven't worked for most of the year and I won't get paid for a long time yet (and my pay check is very low).  I am worried that getting a "normal" job would mean that I lost some of my individuality so I'm hoping that i've managed to keep my personality in here.  I haven't shown my trousers because they are just plain black and high waisted to hide my lumps and bumps.  By the time you read this I will have started my new job (it is past midnight on the morning of my first day, I'm procrastinating). I might be posting slightly less then usual while I settle into my new job but I will try my best.  Have you got any advice on work clothes?  Wish me luck!

1 October 2013

Atticus Clothing: A Ten Year Love Affair

A long long time ago in a galaxy not too different to this one I was an awkward teenager.....a very awkward teenager.  I was cripplingly shy and uncomfortable in my own skin.  I didn't follow fashion but I didn't have an individual sense of style either.  In short, I didn't feel like I fit in anywhere.

Then, one Saturday, on a trip to my local shopping centre I popped into a music store and decided to pick up a couple of albums, ones that would be a step up from usual Busted.  I grabbed a few that I'd heard of, thought were cool and even prayed might get the attention of the cool alternative skater guys in my school.  Amongst them was the game changer, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, by Blink 182.

If you've been following this blog for a while then you will know that I am a massive fan.  Its a cheesy statement but they honestly did change my life.  I made friends because of them, I changed my style because of them, it opened up my mind to so much more music and it changed my hobbies.  Now me and my new friends were spending our saturdays at the skatepark, checking out the alternative shops and feeling like we belonged somewhere.  This, is how I discovered Atticus.

I had noticed Blink 182 wearing clothing with the distinctive black bird for a while and discovered it in one of the alternative stores we used to visit.  I soon learnt they were a brand created by Mark and Tom from the band and this just increased my interest.  Soon I was saving up my pocket money to grab some for myself.

As soon as I could afford I jumped online and ordered a T shirt.  I have a distinct memory of receiving it through the post, immediately jumping into the car on the way to a gig and changing into it right there in the car!  It was my first alternative branded clothing and I was very excited!  It was a black t shirt with a pink and white logo design.  I loved it and wore it a lot!  It was well made so despite me wearing it as often as I could get away with it lasted for years.  This was just the start, soon enough I'd saved up for a hoodie (which I really did wear to death, I was never seen without it!) hat, vest tops and a skirt.
With that in mind, are you ready for some embarrassing photos?  Well here you go:
T shirt, hoodie, hat, vest top and skirt
I don't have many photos from my late teens because I was camera shy, apart from the obvious myspace style ones.  I think thats probably a bit of a blessing.  I used to cover my room with the infamous dead bird logo that came with the clothing and at festivals.  I sill have one on one of my notebooks
For me, it's a brand of nostalgia.  Whenever i see there clothing it always reminds me of young happy times.  However just like I've grown up, the brand has too.  There is a more adult alternative look now and it's ability to change with the times has to be one of the reasons for it's success and longevity.  

The final reason I love Atticus has to be the active association with live music.  Nearly every festival I've been to for the last 5 or 6 years has had Atticus represented in one way or another.  Sometimes with a merch stand, often with the signing tent and it is really good to see a brand sponsor live music in this way, especially with smaller emerging artists. I'm happy to say that I've met some of my favourite bands this way.

And why am I expressing my love for Atticus all of a sudden?  Well it's because they are currently running a competition for bloggers and the winner receives £200 worth of Atticus vouchers!  Want to enter yourself?  Find out how here: http://etailpr.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/exclusively-for-bloggers-win-200-to.html
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If you want to know more about Atticus Clothing you can check them out at the website here:     http://bit.ly/14Ypfny 

Have fun looking and good luck!
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