17 February 2014

Favorite Songs and Lyrics #8

It's been forever since I have done one of these!  Let's add some music back into our lives!

                                                          So here I am.
I'm right back at it again.
Just like I've always said,
"If you're too cool for school

I ain't here to make no friends."
Right Back at it Again-A Day to Remember

I'm at that age where new music is pretty hard for me to come by, when your a teenager you take more risks and you are in an environment when it seems to just come at you from every angle.  Back in the day I was a punk rock queen that quickly grew into metal.  Now I barley listen to it other then the stuff that reminds me of my youth, however recently I've really gotten into A Day To Remember.

There music reminds me of how pop-punk used to be, fun, bouncy and full of energy with a 'fuck everyone else' attitude.  I've heard a couple of their songs before in rock clubs and really enjoyed them but this one just really stood out to me.  I hope it brings back memories for you as much as it does for me.

(skip to 0.53 for the start of the actual song)
Kariss xxx

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