28 April 2014

Easter Beauty Box Swap

I was lucky enough to take part in the Easter Beauty Box Swap ran by Chloe from reality leaves lots to imagination.   This is my first time doing a swap like this so I wasn't sure what to expect, thankfully everything was made really clear and I was lucky enough to be paired with the lovely Lauren of the emerald dove.  We have lots in common (mainly an obsessive love of reading!) so this made it even more fun trying to choose what to pick for her,  I was a bit unsure but in the end I was quite happy with my choices, you can take a look at what I bought on Lauren's blog post

So I arrived home last week to see this amazing funky pink package waiting for me, that's got to cheer up anyones day right? When I opened it everything was wrapped up in this cute Slush Puppy tote bag and even contained a card, super sweet :)

 First thing I did was open the card, as soon as I saw it was Alice in Wonderland I actually squealed with excitement and ran around the house showing everyone!  She left me a super cute message inside, which lead me onto opening the bag.

The first thing I pulled out was this Simple kind to skin sun-kissed moisturising cream, this made me laugh because I had recently bought the Simple kind to skin+ moisturising cream with SPF and it has become my favourite daily moisturiser.  So much so that I was actually going to buy Lauren this for her Easter beauty box, great minds think alike!  I am really looking forward to trying this out and seeing if it gives me a real sun kissed glow!

Next I got these cat socks, how cute are these!  I love funky socks and hardly ever wear matching ones so these will defiantly get some wear.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the bag was that the whole thing smelt amazing, kind of like sherbet, it turns out this was the culprit!  It smells so good and it's from the Body Shop so I know it will feel amazing on my skin, defiantly going to be using this in my next bath.

 You can't go wrong with chocolate, I actually got Lauren Galaxy caramel chocolate mini eggs.  Again, great minds, to be honest this whole bar didn't last the day of me opening it, woops!

Lastly I got this mini milk lip balm, that's right, beauty products that smell like your favourite childhood ice cream.  I have to say this smells soooo gooood, I could just eat it, but somehow I don't think that would be wise...

Thank you again to Lauren for all tthis!  Did you like any of these products?  What do you think?

Kariss xxx


25 April 2014

Outfit(s) of the Weekend: Resistanz Festival

So last weekend was Resistanz festival, this is my 3rd time out of the 4 years it's been around and it was a lot of fun!  For those of you that don't know (which I guess would be most of you, it's a pretty small festival) Resistanz is a 3 day indoor fesival held near my home town in Sheffield, based around Industrial music.  The closest I have got to describing what Industrial music is "heavy dancy-ravy-stompy music for goths" it's not perfect but for now it will do!  One part of this festival that I particularly love is that it gives me the opertunity to dress up, so I thought I'd share what I created wth you.  I have to say I was very unorganised this year, and didn't go into it with anything planed or any new clothes.  I just hashed together what I had and saw how I felt on the day, with that concidered I didn't do too bad!

P.S I know, I know, iphone selfies but I am saving up for a proper camera so in the mean time, it's as good as I've got! 

For day 1 I thought I would go for something simple, the t shirt is an old design from Cyberdog, the skirt I recently picked up from internacionale for £9.99, it's a blue and green tartan and I love it it's defiantly going to be one of my go to skirts.  The shoes are old Demonia platforms I got on ebay a couple of years ago, (I love them, there so cute and the contrasting white piping makes them look like chunky Alice in Wonderland shoes.  Finally the tights are from New look £4.99 and are the greatest tights I've ever bought, I wore them every day!

I decided to do something totally different with my hair that i'd never tried before, a fauxhawk based on this tutorial by ALB in Wonderland.  I have to say considering I had never tried it before, and I never do anything with my hair, I'm pretty impressed with how this turned out.  It wasn't perfect but if I try it again I think I would know how to fix where I went wrong, hopefully I have an excuse to try it again soon.  Make up wise I thought I would go back to my old Studio Sculpt foundation by Mac as I thought this would be higher coverage and last longer through all my dancing, however I have to say this made me realise why I was so happy when I switched to Illimasqua skin base.  The colour isn't as good for my skin and the coverage wasn't as hight as I remembered.  I also used my Sugarpill eyeshadows in Darling and Hysteric, my lipstick is Revlon colourburst matte balm in Shameless and finished off with purple and green bindis.

 Day 2 was more of a traditional rivethead goth look.  The PVC top is an old Ann Summers design, which is too small for me really but hidden under a corset I can get away with it.  The under-bust corset is from ebay, the skirt was £4.99 from Select last year and goes with so many of my outfits.  The boots are Demonia and at £109 they are by far the most expensive shoes I will ever buy, but I know they are going to last me years!  The shrug is the same one that was in my black Friday/cyber Monday blog post, it was £20.00 from Cyberdog and I love it, during the first day I picked up a mini pink and black latex hat and these black and purple latex cat ears from the festival for £12.00 and I love them!

Make up wise I went back to my Illimasqua Skin Base and kept the make up pretty single, my Barry M Wink eyeliner marker pen £4.59, was a saviour as always!
 By the third day I was struggling to want to get ready, I was exhausted and a little hung over so I picked clothes for comfort and speed!  I wore a super old Primark top with the same tartan skirt from the first day (told you I got lazy).  I switched to ballet pumps because 2 days of platform shoes were really taking there tole (no wonder I don't wear heels!).  I finished it off with this amazing crown £29.00 from Janine Basil, I have a post about this item coming up next week so keep your eyes open.  My Pikachu bag I had picked up from Hot topic when I visited the US a couple of summers ago, I wore it everyday, you can't fit much into it but it's so cute!

Make up wise I was so tired by this point I didn't care, lots of concealer, lots of foundation, a bit of eyeliner.  Oh and a ton of glitter that i decided to use as a highlighter!  I highly recommend this to cheer up your day!

So there you go!  Sorry I've been quieter then usual, I've been really busy and really tired for the last few weeks, I have a lot of stuff on at the moment but hopefully I can keep up, I have so much I want to write about that I can't wait to share it with you!

Thank for sticking with me :)


18 April 2014

Lush Solid Perfumes

Interested in my opinions on Vanillary and Karma solid perfumes from Lush?  Take a look at my guest post over on Bell's blog Journeys are my Diary.  Let me know what you think!

14 April 2014

I have a blog button!

Grab button for Shy, Strange & a Little Bit Manic
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<a href="http://shystrangeandalittlebitmanic.blogspot.co.uk/" rel="nofollow">
<img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/66322987/harry%20atkins/shystrangemanic/button.png" alt="Shy, Strange & a Little Bit Manic" width="125" height="125" />

I've finally got around to creating a blog button!  Or rather my other half has.  I'm sorry for such a simplistic post but I'm not feeling myself recently, hopefully I'll pick up soon.  I've got a busy few weeks ahead but I'll try to keep up to date, but if I drop down to only a couple of posts a week I apologise in advance, I miss you guys already!

Let me know if you use my blog button :)

Kariss xx

11 April 2014

Books of 2014: Part 3

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

I am Outcast.
The kids behind me laugh so loud I know they're laughing about me. I can't help myself. I turn around. It's Rachel, surrounded by a bunch of kids wearing clothes from the Eastside Mall. Rachel Bruin, my ex-best friend. She stares at something above my left ear. Words climb up my throat. This was the girl who suffered through Brownies with me, who taught me how to swim, who understood about my parents, who didn't make fun of my bedroom. If there is anyone in the entire galaxy I am dying to tell what really happened, it's Rachel. My throat burns.
Her eyes meet mine for a second. "I hate you," she mouths silently.

Melinda Sordino's freshman year is off to a horrible start. She busted an end-of-summer party by calling the cops, and now her friends--and even strangers--all hate her. Months pass and things aren't getting better. She's a pariah. The lowest of the low. Avoided by everyone. But eventually, she'll reveal what happened at the party. And when she finally speaks the truth, everything will change.

After reading Wintegirls and seeing everyone rave about how Speak was even better I really had high hopes.  For me however, this was a disapointment.  It's far too simply written for my tastes (I do think it was written for a younger audience and I am far too old so this could have been one aspect) and I just couldn't connect with the character in the same way as Wintergirls.  I did accidentally find out about the 'twist' before reading it so maybe this is why it didn't have as much of an effect on me, although I did think it was pretty easy to figure out.  It was still enjoyable but I didn't really find it shocking or moving

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, Volume 3 by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, Volume 3 once again brings together art and voices from around the world to unite and tell stories that defy size.

Please see my review for the last books here as there isn't much more to add, other then I didn't find the stories in this volume as strong as in the previous volumes and that is why I have marked it slightly lower.

It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

A humorous account of a New York City teenager's battle with depression and his time spent in a psychiatric hospital...
The book was inspired by Vizzini's own brief hospitalization for depression in November 2004.

I saw a lot of reviews of this saying that people didn't like it as not a lot happens, it's all talking and thinking.  As it happens that's just my kind of book so I did love this.  I didn't find it funny as a lot of people seemed to but I thought the collection of characters were all great and imaginative, it allows you to see people as more then there disorders.  This has a weird taste to it when you find out that the author killed himself due to his own metal disorder very recently, made me feel a bit strange.

Ligh Bowery: The Life and Times of an Icon by Sue Tilly

I think anyone with an open or creative mind should learn about Leigh Bowerly, I think he was amazing.  This isn't the best written biography but what it lacks in writing technique it more then makes up for in the ability to have the insight from someone who knew him so well.  You get a real behind the scenes look into his creations as well as the person underneath it all.  It is the first biography that has ever made me cry and this is due to Sue's obvious hurt, love and emotion for this incredible man.  It made me really miss a man I never had the pleasure of meeting.

On the Road by Jack Kerouac

On The Road swings to the rhythms of 1950s underground America, jazz, sex, generosity, chill dawns and drugs, with Sal Paradise and his hero Dean Moriarty, traveller and mystic, the living epitome of Beat. Now recognized as a modern classic, Kerouac's American Dream is nearer that of Walt Whitman than F. Scott Fitzgerald's, and the narrative goes racing towards the sunset with unforgettable exuberance, poignancy and passion.

I was really looking forward to this, it's such a well known classic, then my sister read it and said she hated it, and unfortunately I agree.  I honestly have no idea why this book has such high paise.  It just seemed like rambling.  If you ask a child how their day was and they tell you everything no matter what the relive, it felt like that.  Characters appeared and disappeared, places were visited and re-visited without anything happening.  For such a famous book about traveling he didn't really get very far and then he seemed to just re-visit these places over and over.  There were small passages that seemed to flow well but other then that I just didn't get this novel.  Maybe I need it explained to me, I'm sure I must be missing something huge.

So that's it for this episode, let me know your thoughts on 'On the Road', good or bad!

9 April 2014

Veil Cover Cream*

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Thomas Blake Cosmetic Creme's to review their Veil Cover Creme.  This is a high coverage foundation that claims to cover:

 "birthmarks, white patches, redness, acne scares, burn scars, varicose veins, dark circles under the eyes, temporary bruising after surgery, age spots and unwanted tattoos." 

 I had high hopes for this product as if there's one problem I have it's dark circles!  I haven't found a product that can totally rid me of these yet, even with high coverage I seem to get a tell tale dark line that just won't go.  In fact my sister has asked me before if I've been punched!  Nope, I just never get enough sleep it seems.

The light/medium package came with 20 small samples in different colours and a small container of transparent setting powder, along with some simple instructions.  To be honest this isn't the greatest way to test a product as its hard to get out and the plastic wasn't sealed so I don't know if that effected it at all.  However there was plenty of shades to choose from.  The powder had unfortunately come loose and covered everything this was easily solved and there was plenty left.

After trying to match all the colours up to my skin I choose the closest and got applying, to be honest the colour I picked did end up coming out a bit light for my skin tone.  Also it seemed to have a strange consistency, kind of like a thick moose, but again I don't know how much this was effected by the way it was sent.  As there was only enough for an area and not a whole face I concentrated on just the under eye area.  And the results:

Before, after the creme, and after the powder.

I should say I'm not wearing any other make up in these pictures so all your seeing is the product.  It blended in quite well and it didn't feel like I was wearing make up at all never mind anything heavy.  However it terms of the result I'm not that impressed, when it comes to products that can cover things as extreme as tattoos I expect it to cover me easily.  Admittedly I didn't have the greatest colour match and I do think it's the kind of product you need to learn to apply in the right way but this just didn't impress me.  I would consider it as an alternative but I think my current mac studio fix has the same amount of coverage, if not slightly less coverage.  I did quite like the powder however, it was really soft and helped make the product blend better and look less harsh.

This is still a descent product, if your looking for a build-able concealer but don't already have one then maybe this could be of use to you, however I would recommend you check out the mac studio finish.  Maybe I was just expecting too much!

This product was sent to me for review, this does not effect my views on the product.  All opinions are my honest and my own

7 April 2014

Bird Box: Review and Giveaway

Malorie raises the children the only way she can; indoors.
The house is quiet. The doors are locked, the curtains are closed, mattresses are nailed over the windows.
They are out there. She might let them in.
The children sleep in the bedroom across the hall.
Soon she will have to wake them. Soon she will have to blindfold them.
Today they must leave the house. Today they will risk everything.

When HarperCollins offered me the chance to review this new novel by debut author Josh Malerman I jumped at the chance.  HarperCollins always mean's quality to me and with this publication, I wasn't wrong.

I'm going to start out by saying that honestly, I've never really read much horror or thriller fiction, the closest I've got is probably dystopian.  With this in mind I was a little unsure about how I would feel about this genre. but I have to say I surprise myself.

Bird Box tells the story of a young women called Malorie, her two children, and their survival in a world gone mad.  There has been some kind of 'outbreak' (outbreak might not the way of describing it, but it's the best I can think of) and people have started killing each other, and then themselves, seemingly at random.  The only thing known about this 'condition' is that people see something before they seemingly go crazy, the problem is, no one has any idea what the something is.  The only way for people to survive is to shut themselves in and block any contact with the outside world, covering all windows, and never leaving the house unless you are wearing a blindfold.  It is the only solution in a world where you can't look outside for fear it will happen to you.  The books switches back and forth between two time periods, at the start of the 'outbreak' when Malorie first learns she is pregnant and is forced to move to a 'safe house' at the start of the problems, and several years later when she is the parent of 2 children living alone, still unable to leave the home.

First thing I have to mention is the tension this book creates, it's an edge of the seat ride the whole way through.  It doesn't need the typical build up you get in most books because the tension starts almost immediately and stays throughout.  He also manages to create this without being overly descriptive, which leaves a lot of it up to your own imagination, much like they used to do in old horror movies when you never actually say the monster.  This meant I had lots of different ever changing theories as to what was happening.  I dreaded putting the book down as I really wanted to read the next chapter to find what happens next, who to trust and what will get resolved.  This really is a book that makes you ask questions the whole way through and the mystery really adds to the atmosphere.  You really feel for Malarie as she tries to adjust to her new life in less then fantastic conditions, while always trying hard to create a life for herself and her children/ future children.  The switching back and forth keeps you on the edge, information unfolds gradually, leaving you wanting more.

I can't say too much because I really don't want to give much away but pick this book up now!  If I had the chance I could have easily read this in a day, it was a really easy read, it's hard to believe it's the authors first ever novel and I will defiantly looking out for his future titles.  

Now for the really exciting bit, if you believe you will love this book as much as I did then you are in luck, as with thanks to the guys over at HarperCollins I have a copy of this new release to give away!  Simply fill in the information in the box bellow to enter, best of luck!  Please note this is available for UK residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

6 April 2014

I finally created a facebook page!

Hi guys!  Just a super quick sunday post to say I finally created a facebook page for my blog!  You can find it here:

Also I'm closing in on the big 50 on my bloglovin account so I would love it if you could follow me on there if you aren't already.

I'm sorry for this just being a promo post but I've worked my butt off on my blog this weekend so I feel like I should share my hard work, I've got a giveaway heading your way in the next couple of days so that should make up for it :)

That's all from me, I hope you have a fantastic end to your weekend 

Kariss xx

5 April 2014

International Tabletop Day: 5 of my favourite board games for non-gamers

I hadn't planned on posting today but I just found out it's International Tabletop Day, and as a self obsessed tabletop geek I am ashamed at myself for not knowing this sooner!  There are few things I like to do more on a weekend then kickback with friends and put in some serious game time, usually with snacks and alcohol included.  So I thought I would share with you 5 of my favourite games to play with people who aren't regular gamers.

Risk is a great game to take people into a more adult world of tabletop games if your only used to playing kids board games and monopoly.  It's strategic but also chance based which means it's a fair game for everyone and you can go from being a clear winner to being out at any time, it really keeps you on you toes!  I currently have the Star Wars version but I've not played enough to comment on it just yet.  

Monopoly is a classic, I don't know how anyone can not enjoy it.  It's simple to pick up but ruthless, and this Pokemon version not only has the added awesomeness of Pokemon but also has some extra rules which can really change up the game play (including the ability to 'steal' property if you role a double 6!)

Settlers of Catan is a game of many games, there's so many ways to play that if I was choosing a desert island board game it would probably be this, along with a couple of expansions (I recommend the Sea Settlers expansion).  Again it's fairly simple to pick up and there's several different strategies to winning, it's a lot of fun!

Ok so this doesn't necessarily have to be a board game, but the board really helps understand your attacking strategy.  The character set up and initial rules can be a bit of a head fuck but once your set up, the actual game is pretty strait forward.  If you've got a decent imagination and a good brain for problem solving then you will eat this game up.  If your playing with people who've played before they're sure to take you under there wing for the initial set up.  I recommend in investing in some pretty dice (I'm a blue and pink mixed glitter girl).

Lastly Smallworld, this kind of reminds me of Settlers of Catan although if I'm honest, I don't enjoy it as much.  There's just one game variation here so you can keep playing till you pick it up and it is relatively short, so good if your not the kind of person who wants to spend a whole day playing one game.  With the combination of characters and abilities you won't get bored.

Will you be playing anything today?

Kariss xx


4 April 2014

Sugarpill Review

You may remember before Christmas I did a post about my Sugarpill wish list and then a few months later I also posted about my cyber monday sales purchases which included my Sugarpill sale haul, where I managed to pick up most of my wish list!  So I figured it's about time I did a review!

First of all my package arrived from America completely intact, and in such cute packaging!  I loved the logo box and the pink tissue paper, and it even came with a glittery gold Sugarpill sticker!  Now onto the colours!

First up is Birthday Girl, this is a beautiful pale pink with fine gold flecks running through it, a real girly girl colour and one of the most subtle on.

Next Hysteric, a purple shade with a silver shimmer, really build-able.

This blue/green/turquoise colour is Darling, the most one dimensional of the colours I've chosen but it still has a really subtle blue shimmer to it.  This probably makes it the most suitable for day wear.

Starling is a mystic blue with a blue glittery shimmer running through it, very cute.

Decora is the party loving sister of Birthday Girl, its a brighter pink with sexy gold flecks, perfect for a night on the town!  (unfortunately my picture of this product made it look much more garish then it really is).

Lastly, when my order arrived it came with a sample for Goldilix, which immediately made me want to buy it!  It's a really bright gold, perfect for the party season, here it is shown with the flash off and with the flash on.  The last photo shows the colours with the flash on, you can see how much these colours change when the lights hit them! 

Time to show off some of the looks I've created while playing around with these shadows, I'm still not used to wearing eye makeup so I'm learning the basics of blending but hopefully I can get there and create some of the amazing looks I've seen people rock with Sugarpill!  Before I go any further I should probably point out that most of the following pictures were taken when I was drunk and it club toilets.  Oh that class!

Starling and Hysteric and Goldilux for a night time look.

Hysteric and Decora with Hysteric also on the lips and eyebrows for a space girl themed electro/goth look.

Lastly Birthday Girl and Darling for a 90's dance night!

Overall I'm really impressed with these shadows, I expected them to be the same size as my Barry M pots as they look similar but they are at least twice the size, so it justifies the added price.  In all of the swatches I only used one swipe with minimum product so you can see how highly pigmented these colours are, they're easily build-able and really bright.  The colours are all really finally milled which makes them super soft and easy to blend, these pots are defiantly going to last me a long time!  It's all vegan and cruelty free which is another big plus.  The packaging is so pretty and looks amazing in my make up case, I love the fact that each colour has it's own cute symbol.  I couldn't really ask for anything more!  Other then someone to do it for me of course!

So do any of you guys like Sugarpill?  If you have any tips for eye makeup I'd love to hear them!


2 April 2014

Star Wars Red Velvet Cake: Millennium Falcon

It was my boyfriends birthday at the weekend so I made a cake based around one if his favourite things, Star Wars! 

Last year and I went for a lemon drizzle cake that looked awful but tasted pretty yummy, this year I went for looks over taste.  Maybe next year I would like to strike a middle ground!  Thank god for cake moulds and edible silver spray is all I can say!  It traveled half way across the country and didn't fall apart, I did decide at the last minute to try and dye the cake black which failed and just ended up brown.  Yep I made a brown red velvet cake....

Do you have any good cake recipes?  I enjoy baking but I'm awful at it, any tips are more then welcome!

Kariss xxx

1 April 2014

Liebster Award

I've been nominated by the lovely Victoria of What a Little Pickle for the Liebster award, this is my first time being nominated for this award so let's get stuck in.  First off the rules:

- You must link back to the person who awarded you
- You must answer the 11 questions given by the nominee before you
- Provide 11 facts about yourself
- You pick 11 nominees with under 200 followers to answer your questions
- You cannot nominate the person who nominated you
- You must tell your nominees that they have been nominated by you

So onto the 11 facts about me, I always find this hard:

1) I love dogs and I really want one of my own, my family have always had springer spaniels but I want a cocker spaniel and a Dachshund
2) I keep track of how many books I read via Goodreads but my main reading aim for the last 2 years has been to read over 10,000 pages, it stops m 'cheating' by reading lots of shorter books
3) I collect Alice in Wonderland things, I have no idea how much stuff I have.  I mainly drift towards the Disney version
4) My favourite characters are the bread and butterflies and the caterpillar
5) I'm a nerdfighter, if you don't know what that is google is your friend
6) When I was a child I suffered from something called 'Alice in Wonderland Syndrome', for me this meant that sometimes things I was looking at would appear to get bigger and smaller quickly, I have a really vivid memory of being in a carpet store and seeing the carpet roles get huge, it was terrifying
7) I have severe joint problems, i've spent the last year getting tests but the doctors have all drawn a blank.
8) I always hated dance music but somehow grew to love Industrial, it doesn't really make sense
9) I go through geeky phases of loving different things all the time and getting obsessed with them (this usually involves some form of collecting
10) I'm in a long distance relationship, it's really hard but it's 100% worth it
11) I always feel totally under-qualified doing outfit/make up posts as when I get up in a morning I just throw on a clean dress for work and don't wear any make up, i'm way too lazy!

Now onto the questions I was asked:

 What made you start to blog?
I had seen people doing it for years and vaguely considered it, I had a personal blog in the past but didn't realise I could do more with it.  Then my friend Amy set up her blog and I could see how much she was enjoying it and eventually bit the bullet.  I remember submitting my first post and being shocked I could write.

 Have you been to any gigs/festivals?
Iv'e lost count of how many gigs I've been to but it's way up in the 100's, I used to go to gigs constantly but I'm out of the loop now.  I've been to lots of weekend non-camping festivals (in fact I have one in 2 weeks) but the only big camping festival I've been to is Download which I've been to 6 times.

One place you would love to visit that you haven't already?
Tokyo and New York, both kind of stereotypical I know but their defiantly on the wish list.

Favourite book? Film? Tv show? Song? Band?
I don't actually have one for any of these, is that weird?  I think my tastes change too much on my mood.

Pick 3 people, dead or alive to sit down to dinner with?
John Wilmot, Stephen Fry and Alan Bennet.  That's probably not a definitive list but its whats popping into my head right now

Bed time routine?
I'm awful at keeping a proper bed routine, I normally just play around on my laptop till I force myself to sleep, at which point I search for ASMR videos on Youtube until I drop off. No bed time beauty routine, I know I'm terrible!

Favourite meal?
My mums lasagne, pure stoge but so tasty!  I'm actually having it tonight!

How did you decide on your blog name?
I was looking to start a Youtube channel last Christmas and I couldn't think of a name, I was listening to a lot of Blink 182 at the time and one day when listening to the lyrics 'I'm a little bit shy, bit strange and a little bit manic' which I used for my Youtube channel and eventually my blog.

Weekend plans?
None this weekend I don't think, it's actually nice to have a weekend with nothing planned sometimes!

Which famous person can you not stand?
I don't keep up with celebrity culture so I couldn't say, I mean there's disgusting humans like Ian Watkins so compared to that who can you really choose?

Most played song on your iTunes?
Come back from Repo! The Genetic Opera apparently

I'm going to cheat as I think these were good questions so everyone I nominate can answer the same ones, plus it would be good to compare.  I'm also going to cheat and tag anyone who wants to do this who hasn't been nominated yet!  I know how hard it is for smaller bloggers to be included in this kind of thing so if your looking for an exscuse, here it is!  Just let me know if you do it and I'll add it to a list linking to your post :)
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