28 April 2015

Vintage Life Magazine: April Edition

When I was younger, magazines were a big deal.  You started on Disney mags when you were a kid and moved up to Girl Talk, Mizz, Sugar and Smash Hits.  If you read 17 magazine when you were at school you had to show everyone because you were oh so edgy, 17 it says, ha!  Who needs to follow the rules!  As you got a bit older you might even sneak in a Cosmo as long as your mum doesn't see what was on the cover and you can totally pretend that you understood the sex position of the month was.  I might even buy a copy of Heat if there was a guy I fancyed in it that month but I would feel the shame stright after.  
When I was at collage I would buy Kerrang every week to make sure I could keep up with the bands I loved and see who was tourmg, and to make sure everyone saw me reading it too of course, I was so cool.....  The last magazine I read regularly was Bizzare Magazine, which sadly closed last year, I read this up to me finishing university.  Since then, I havn't really read any magazines, nothing appeals to me.  All the women's magazines seem to focus on fashion that isn't to my taste or celebs which has no interest for me at all.  The last time I bought one I skimmed through the adverts and it went streight in the bin, I figured the age of the magazine was done.

Then I was contacted by the guys from Vintage Life Magazine to see if this was something that would be more up my street.  I had heard of this magazine but as I stopped looking at magazines some time ago, I missed them hitting the shelves.  I thought I'd beter try and find out if it was time to open up magazines once more.

The first thing I noticed when I opened it was that the adverts were all relivent!  I am not sure this has ever happened to me with a magazine before, all the adverts were for brands I already love or ones I immediately went online to find out more about, and with some great discounts including too, this really excited me, I do love window shopping!  I know this might seem a strange thing to care about but it really does set the tone and when you think about how many adverts you get in an average magazine it does make a difference ( to me at least!)

I was a little worried when I saw the front cover as the 70's aren't really my thing, my personal style is strongly in the 50s with a little flirt with the 40's now and then, though I do really love the style of the 20s/30s too.  Luckily this edition has something to cover all these time periods.  There were specials on 1940s fashion and 50's style tips so I was more than covered.

The articles covered history (such as the Chanel article pictured above), sewing ( which I really want to learn but don't know how to start, I am a bit scared!), vintage styling for clothing and home, events reporting, events calendars, how to's, specialist posts, posts on vintage bloggers and lots more.  This edition even covered a fun look at 80s style weddings and a report from London Edge which I attended, in fact, I was next to the photographer when he was taking one of the featured photos.  

I am still a bit unsure on magazines in general but I think magazines like this one that are more specifically for my tastes are the way to go, in fact, it's the only one I will consider buying.  Ater payday I am definitely buying a subscription.  A whole year is £35.99, that's just £2.99 an issue or you can get a year's digital subscription for just £21.99, that's a crazy £1.83 an issue! 

24 April 2015

Birthday Wish List

This time next week it will be my birthday eve, I will be turning a big fat scary 27 eek! Well and truly in my late 20's now which is so depressing I don't even really want to think about it.  My parents are actually going away on my birthday but luckily my boyfriend is going to come over, when you are in a long distance relationship you have to make the most of every chance you can get!  On my actual birthday I haven't made any actual plans yet, I am probably just going to go to a farm or something and then go out for drinks with some friends later, I like to use birthdays as an annual excuse to convince myself I am still not too old to go clubbing (despite what an 18-year-old told me on a night out a couple of years ago!)  I then want to spend the rest of my birthday weekend relaxing with my boyfriend, bliss!

This year no one has asked me what I want for my birthday, which is a first for me, I think it's defnatly a sign I am getting old!  Now, I never normally have any ideas for my birthday but tonight I thought hey, why not scour through my pintrest and see what I am lusting after.  So here's some cute items I definatly wouldn't mind getting my hands on as I step a foot close to the big 3 0!

Starting off with the area that I am always lusting after, clothes and accessories!  First this super cute Grape Soda Pin which is of course from the movie Up!  I love it when things pay homage to things I like without nesseserily being too obvious, and this is full of sentiment.  
I love Sailor Moon and this amazing two-piece from Hot Topic is a great mixture of cute and space age.  I love fashion that's a bit out there!
I've had my eye on this Milk Carton bag for a while, it's tiny and completly impracticle but I do love a novelty!
Now you know I LOVE my T.U.K shoes, and I already have several pairs of cat T.U.K shoes already, so how do you make these better?  Improve that normal boring old cat face for Hello Kitty of course, how old am I again?
I have been after some of the famous Melisa shoes for years but never managed to justfy the price to myself, even in the sale.  I could happily own a pair in almost every style and colour, they're so pretty!
You have no idea how excited I am that light up shoes are back in fashion, and for adults!  Well when I say in fashion I basically mean they are availale again, and I will definatly want to take advantage of that!  I know, I know, I have no taste but I can live with that... They do make normal trainer versions but I think I would love to rock these stacked versions to an alternative club and light up the dance floor!

On to home-y stuff, Mum says I am nesting because I am slowly picking up more and more stuff for when I move out and I can't say she is wrong, but the pretty impractivle stuff is always the most fun to buy, like these Duck lights, how cute!  I don't know where I would put them, bathroom maybe?
Kitchenaid, love of my life, fire of my loins... I am not demesticated, I can't cook or bake, but I'll be damned if I wouldn't want one of these with all my soul!  
I've also wanted a cool retro phone for the longest time and this is totally in my current favourite colour scheme.
Fallout 3 is my new currentl obsession, I am not very far in but I love it, especially the theming and the music, so I really want a Vault Tec bobblehead for my desk at work.

Banned Clothing's summer design is so good this year, to be honest, my vintage repo wish list deserves a post all of itself so for now I will stick to just this beautiful summery skirt.  It makes me wish I was in Hawaii!
I've been making an effort to try and set my hair more so I can get better with pin curling, but my main frustration at the moment is that it takes me forever!  Especially with my thick hair, so anything that could speed this up, like this Pin Curling Tool would be amazing.  I am a bit sceptical about how this works, but I'd love to try it out.
In a similar vein, these hairstyling and make up books would be amazing.  About 5 years ago I first heard of these and I haven't heard a bad word about either of them since, but I am still yet to call them my own.

Lastly and all the other bits and bobs, these rainbow flowers!  These would be a dream come true and I would definitely press them, you used to be able to get them from Interflora but I can't see them on the website anymore and they are stupidly expensive, a girl can dream!
I am a big lover of tabletop games and Ticket to Ride is one of the few on my wishlist (that isn't an exspantion pack) that I don't have yet.
Lasty, Figment is a characer from a Disney World ride called Journey into Imagination and I think he might be my favorate character ever!  I am in need of a new phone case so I came across this one but, to be honest, anything with Figment on would make my happy, there's an amazing Figment hoodie but you can only get it in Disney World.

What is your heart craving this week?

21 April 2015

Trim Tuesday: Week 6

Current Weight: 11 Stone 1 Pounds 
Start Weight: 11 Stone 3 Pounds
Total Loss: 2 pounds
I can't belive it's been a whole week since my last blog post, I didn't mean for this to happen, but my day in London for work ended up being a week and I've only just got back, and now I am tierd and eager to get back into blogging!

My weight has been up and down while I have been doing this diet but I've not gone over my start weight, which might not sound much but considering I have been away so much, isn't too bad.  Realistically until the middle of May I am going to really struggle not to put weight on, so if I am going down slowly, I am happy.  Then after May I can focus on really making the pounds drop!  This week something came that can really help me get my butt in shape.

DW Gym passes woo!

I am away this week from Friday-Monday at the Whitby Goth Weekend but I am hoping to try and fit in my first gym session before I go.  Lots of drinking and eating out will be had, so I am going to try my best, to keep my weight down, hopefully I can dance it off!  The thing I find hard is eating when I am away, here is what I have going on over the next 3 weekends.

Whitby Goth Weekend- drinking and I have to eat out, grabbing what I can as I don't think  will be able to cook where I am staying.
My Birthday- One night of drinking and I have promised myself a Pizza (I only have one a year these days) other then that I shouldn't be too bad.
Work trip to Normandy- Eating on the go and some drinks.

After this I will have a clear week and then 3 weeks of just me and the boy at mine, so I will be able to eat well.  By June I want to have lost at least half a stone, and hopefully with these new gym passes I will be toning up and improving my strength.  I miss being strong, I used to be really proud of how strong I was when I worked a manual labor job, now I'm in the office and it's all gone to pot.

Got some gym advice for me?

Weird Fish

14 April 2015

Trim Tuesday: Week 5

These 5 weeks have flown by, my exercise has dropped a little this week but I am feeling energised and ready to get into it this week.  My knee is once more feeling painful but I just need to plough in to it.  My gym passes for DW Fitness should be winging my way this week and I am actually really lucking forward to getting stuck in.  

You might remember in last week's post I mentioned that Weirdfish are supplying us with a dress in a size smaller then our current size to motivate us for those summer days.  So I thought I'd share with you what I have chosen.

I just love the colour of this jersey dress, perfect summer colours, smart and light without being too bright.  It's good to have something a more muted for a change, I tend to go a bit crazy, but I think this looks reay grown up and eligent, yet casual.  The cut looks great too, I think the sleeves and waist will be a really flattering fit.  I can't wait to receive it and see how the initial fit goes, hopefully I'll be a size down and rocking this look in a couple of months.

As for this week, It's another hard one, I am away for most of it, working the London book fair on Thursday before back to Yorkshire for work Friday then heading straight back to London Friday afternoon for the weekend.  I just need to make smart choices and do lots of walking!  If I look over the next few weeks I am away a lot so at the end of the day, I just need to factor that in and see what I can do.

Do you have any tips for keeping fit/ dieting on the road?  I'd love to hear them.

13 April 2015

Royal Bones Dress by Tripp

I realised this week that I still have 3 items of clothing from my Hot Topic haul that I hadn't shared with you yet!  The pics are pretty old now but I love everything I got so I don't want to miss out on showing these to you.  To be honest I really do not think these photo's came out very well at all so I had been putting off using them.

This is the Royal Bones Dress by Tripp that I of course picked up from Hot Topic.  As you know if you follow my blog, although I love my retro/ vintage styles I do have a bit of a gothic side that comes out from time to time, and this dress allows me to indulge in my dark side.

Unlike most gothic clothing, this is really comfortable, I genuinely can't believe how nice it is to wear.  A lot of the clothes in this style are often restricting and heavy but this is so light and stretchy, perfect for Whitby Goth Weekend which I am attending in a couple of weeks.  It will be great for a the day after drinking when you just want to wear something comfortable but still have to put in a public appearance.

It was really hard to get the details out in these photos but it's a relly unique dress.  It has lace sleeves and a bodice waist that looks like a corset but is actually just part of the fabric, so it pulls you in without being constricting.  The main feature of this dress is its length, short at the front, dipping to almost floor length at the back.  You can't really see it that well in these pics because I am wearing black tights (I have a fear of having my legs out in public) but it leaves a really dramatic look.  it really moves when you walk, I feel like some kind of goth princess!

What do you think?  Gothic elegance or too over the top?

11 April 2015

Geek Fuel Subscription Box: Retro Edition

For a while now I have been eyeing up these subscription boxes.  They have been the 'in thing' for the last couple of years, and while I am not a fan of them for beauty supplies (too much risk of getting something you don't like) these geek boxes are something that I have been excited about for a while.  The first one I heard about was Loot Crate, but at the time they weren't available in the UK, and by the time they were made available, I was no longer impressed by what they were sending out.  By now there are a lot of similar subscription boxes on the market, I was nice enough to be sent the February box from Geek Fuel to see how it compares.

'But Kariss', I hear you cry, 'the February box? It's April!'  Yes well, I did have to wait for it to be shipped from the US which took a few weeks and then unfortunately, I didn't get chance to review it until just now (and I have been dying to), but it's totally worth the wait right?

So what did I get in this box?  Well like most subscription boxes they started out with a magazine and a card explaining what is in the box.  This month's theme was retro which considering my boyfriend is a pixel art creator and game designer was a pretty good choice!  I loved the comic book/magazine, it had some great little articles and some beautiful artwork.  I'm going to be passing this along to Harry to take a look at when I'm done with it as I know he will love it.  It also came with an 'I <3 Retro sticker and badge, which is one of those things which, although are nice additions, let's face it they aren't the main draw.

On to the main contents!  I noticed the box was particularly heavy and when I saw what was inside, I could see why.  I didn't have to pay any customs fees on this box but it might just be something worth bearing in mind.  The first thing I pulled out was this Space Invader 'Soap on a Rope'.  I've got to say I think this is particularly cool, I am a sucker for a novelty.  I was a bit disappointed to discover that the black accents were only on the packaging and there is no scent or anything to it but I still really like it, perfect for a nerdy bathroom.

Next up; some really smart marketing by the guys at Team 17.  Essentially what they are giving you is a code for the original edition of Worms on Steam.  Now I have been a big fan of the Worms franchise since I first played it at my cousin's as a kid, and I have 3 different versions of it on my iPad  mini, so having the original edition, while being cool, isn't a massive draw for me.  However, I am still definitely going to download and play it.  This could have just been put on a card but instead they packaged it in with some scarily realistic looking jelly worms!  They were freaky looking but surprisingly tasty; such a clever way of presenting a game code, other company's, take note!

Next on my list, and my favourite thing in the whole box, this Green Lantern glass.  The box had a chance of four retro superhero designs on, and one mystery design.  I can't say I am the biggest fan of The Green Lantern but I still love the design and the glass is great quality.  It's thick and heavy and the design is really well printed onto the glass, so there's no chance of it coming off in the dish washer and I think it looks really striking.  This might sound wierd but it just feels really good to hold.

Lastly, was the t-shirt.  I think people have come to expect t-shirts in these boxes as standard and they are the main pull for a lot of people.  The design of this screams retro; all the retro Batman characters are in the style of Pacman, again, in a high quality print and really soft cotton.  I'd have kept this for myself but unfortunately it's a men's style top so I knew I'd only end up wearing it to bed, so I've given it to my other half.  I really wish these companies would do men's and women's fitted t shirts, I think more people would subscribe if they knew they could actually wear the products they receive, I know it would sway me.

All this comes in at $13.90 which works at around £9.50, which seems amazing good value to me.  The cost of the t-shirt alone would normally set you back at more then this, so you know you are getting what you paid for and then some! Are you a fan of subscription boxes?

* This box was sent to me for reviewing purposes , all views are honest and my own.

7 April 2015

Trim Tuesday: Week 4 with DW Fitness

Easter has come, and along with it Resitanz festival, my usual weekend of full on excess.  Chocolate happened, a lot of alcohol happened, and the only exercise I got was dancing my butt off, which although being fun hasn't let me feeling great.  I had fun, but it's time to get back on it, and now Easter has come and gone it's time to get my ass in shape for the summer. 

To help my on my journey I am teaming up the DW Fitness to try and get my butt into shape.  In the last four weeks I have come to realise that crash dieting isn't going to work, and I actually feel better when I exercise. I honestly never thought I'd say that but it makes a huge difference to my confidence, energy and my joints.  DW Fitness have a gym not too far from me so I am hoping to get down and try something new as part of my new challenge.

And that new challenge is *drum roll* the Slip Into Summer 12-week challenge.  The plan is to try and drop a dress size in the next 12 weeks, ready for when Summer is in full swing.  It isn't about crash diets or anything like that, but making positive changes to improve your overall fitness.  

Oh and there's an incentive, and it's a great one, I get to pick a Weird Fish Dress which they are going to send to me in a size smaller, that I should fit into when summer is in full bloom.  I'll let you know which one I choose next week.

If you have any fitness tips I'd love to hear them, it's time to get my but on the move!


3 April 2015

March Reads 2015

I think I definitely made up for only finishing two books this month with an amazing 7!  I have really surprised myself, admittedly 2 of them were manga which almost feels like cheating.  Anyway here's what I read this month.

I can't belie it was only this month when Terry Pratchett sadly passed away, it seems to have gone so fast.  I finished this book not long before I heard the news, which made it seem extra poignant.  I think its my favourite discworld book so far too, the writing and characters are just so good, and his descriptions are perfection.

Now this is a sort of cheat because the picture here is of the first book in the series, as I can't find the second for some reason.  If you know me you will know I am super precios about my books so I don't know how I have managed to missplace it.  Anyway this is the second book in this series and the second manga book I've read in years, I really enjoyed it.  It is completly bat shit crazy and but that just adds to the fun.  Do not go into this thinking it's a simple re-telling of Alice in Wonderland, it is much quirkyer, I can't wait for the last book in this series.

Another book I really enjoyed, I did pretty well this month with 5* books.  This has been on my TBR list for the longest time but I finally got my hands on it this Christmas.  It's short and sweet and a similar vein to The Catcher in the Rye.  it's written in the voice of an 8 yrar old boy and it comes across as very real and genuine, the author does a great job of telling a story through the eyes of a child.  It walks the line between innicence and darkness really well, I really recomend it.

I did enjoy some elements of this but my brain just doesn't like sci-fi.  Frankly I think I switched off during some of it.  Has some really interesting futuristic ideas though, even if it is pretty bleak.

Can you tell me Japanese loving friend is trying to get me into manga?  She knows I love Alice so she's buying me any manga she can find to do with it.  This one is about a boy who wakes up in wonderland having swapped bodies with a girl called Alice.  No, reallyQ  It was a short easy read but I have to admit I prefer the other Alice manga series better.  

I had heard amazing things about this so I was pretty hyped up but it was a little disappointed.  It was a nice easy read but I didn't get emotional about it at all like a lot of people seem to have, maybe I am finally too old for YA.  

Style Me Vintage: Make Up by Katie Reynolds

I got a lovely surprise through the post a couple of days ago when Vintage Life magazine sent me their latest issue through the post.  I was just having a quick skim when I remembered I had got this book for Christmas and thought I'd have a quick look.  I ended up reading it all in one go which you would think would be a good thing but unfortunately it's because it has no substance.  I read the fashion title from this series and enjoyed it but I learnt nothing in this, its really really basic, probably only good for teenagers.  The looks are really muted too, major disappointment,

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