21 June 2017

Reichshof Hamburg, Curio Collection by Hilton, Hotel Review

A couple of weeks ago I headed over to Germany to the gorgeous port city of Hamburg for a couple of days of exploring.  I'd been invited over by Come to Hamburg and I've got loads of gorgeous posts I can’t wait to share with you about my short break there, but I thought I'd start off by showing you around our gorgeous hotel.

The Reichshof Hamburg, Curio Collection by Hilton is a bit of a mouthful!  That's because this is a hotel with a lot of history, originally built in 1910 it was given an overhaul by the Hilton chain just a few years ago after it closed in 2014 to bring it up to date, while keeping it in touch with it's original history.
The location is fantastic, literally straight across the road from the main Hauptbahnhof train station in Hamburg and with plenty of restaurants, bars and entertainment venues near by.  It’s a great starting point to reach all areas of Hamburg.  When we walked into the hotel we were greeted by the stunning reception area, with large hanging chandeliers and stunning decor you really felt like you were in for some luxury.  The reception area has a small bar, a small shop where you can purchase drinks and snacks, and a relaxation area.  There is also a full bar, gym, spa and restaurant but we didn't get chance to experience these during our short trip.
On to our room itself.  We had a great view overlooking the train station from our large window, as a lover of light I adored this.  It was a super hot day when we first arrived so throwing open the curtains and windows felt so freeing!  The double bed was incredibly comfortable and I had an amazing nights sleep, this is the first hotel I've ever been to when I literally didn't hear a thing from any other guests, the sound proofing must be amazing.  The room came with a Tassimo coffee machine, flatscreen HD TV with Sky TV and free wifi, very important for the bloggers amongst us!.  Room service options were available and the rooms were spacious with plenty of storage and a comfortable chair to work or relax on.  There is an iron and ironing board in the room and a hair dryer in the bathroom, which helped cut down on much needed space in our carry on luggage.  There was air conditioning, which is unusual in Europe but a godsend in the heatwave we had, and a room safe as standard for extra peace of mind.  Even the bathroom was state of the art, with a walk in rain shower that was just what we needed after some of the hot days we had during our trip!
It seems like a little thing but the lighting in a room really makes a difference, it might be the old lighting technician in my but I really think it can change a room.  Modern lighting fixtures are placed throughout the room and really add a touch of personalisation and style.   

This hotel is architecturally stunning with stylish quality interiors, I wouldn't hesitate to staying here again.  It's great for a romantic weekend away or a business event, it's a comfortable yet beautiful place to stay.

Have you ever stayed at this hotel?
This room was given to me in exchange for an open and honest review 

16 June 2017

Spring Cocktails with a Twist at TwoRuba

Heading towards the Tower Bridge area of London you will be greeted with a plethora of upmarket hotels, bars and restaurants all catering to the corporate clientele.  These are often, sleek, chic and well...a little bland.  It’s a ‘one size fits all’ mentality that can be restrictive.  With TwoRuba being part of the Hilton Hotel you’d be forgiven for expecting this bar to carry on this trend, however the team here really know how to add some personality!  Last week I headed over to the TwoRuba's new Spring garden popup to check out their new spring/summer menu.

The bar does a really god job at walking the line between a classy, upmarket bar and a fun seasonal theme.  The bar staff are experts and couldn’t do more to help, while the spring garden area that greats you as you walk in is cute and a great place to relax. It's complete with grass and deck chairs for a truly sunny experience.  If this isn’t to your liking you can find more traditional seating further into the bar.

Before we get onto the main event I just want to give a shout out to the amazing food.  We were supplied with a hearty amount of nibbles, all of which were delicious, the chicken in particular I couldn’t get enough of.  Im not going to go into too much detail as the bar itself doesn’t actually have a kitchen, but they do share a premises with the Jamie’s Italian next door and they can bring customers food over to the bar from there, a great idea!

TwoRuba have crafted four new cocktails for their spring menu, all of them unique so there is something for every taste: 
Elderflower Breeze
Does it come any more refreshing then this?  Even the name makes me feel relaxed.  Containing gin, elderflower, lemon, cucumber and basil this drink is perfect for those warmer days.  It’s the kind of thing i’d love to drink wile sunbathing in a park, completely British and just sweet enough to remain really fresh.
Raspberry and Thyme Smash
This Summery drink contains dark rum, raspberry, cranberry lime and thyme feels like the perfect drink to sip at the side of a pool.  Unlike most poolside classics however this isn’t chock-full of surgery sweetness.  The flavours are delicious, subtle and moreish.  This was my personal favourite of the evening.  
Spring Spritz
Containing tequila, St Germain, lemon, vanilla and mint the spring spritz isn’t something I would normally choose based on the tequila alone, it's something I usually avoid.  However the other flavours really balance it out, making it pretty easy to drink.  It was reminiscent of a mojito but the mint hasn’t as over-powering as I find it to be in those.  
The TwoRuba Cooler
Another drink to refresh your tastebuds, the TwoRuba Cooler consists of gin, Cointreau, apple, lemon, rose syrup and rosemary.  As you can tell TwoRuba love combining their drinks with herbs for a fresh spring flavour.  I’m not normally a gin fan but this strikes a great balance between just sweet enough and truly refreshing.
After we’d tried all four of these it was time for a little healthy competition. We were split into two teams and asked to try and make two classic cocktails.  The first group got mojito, where as we got the classic Cosmopolitan.  Now I’ve drank a few Cosmo’s in my time so I was feeling pretty confident.  I knew the ingredients, knew how to chill the glass, the whole shebang, however as it turns out I am not so hot on my quantities. Ours ended up tasting like a vodka and lime juice mix, woops!  So needless to say we weren’t the winners, making cocktails is much harder then it looks!
Thankfully we could leave it to the experts at this point to show us how it’s really done, and I spent the rest of my evening relaxing in a deckchair and drinking the (much better tasting!) cosmo!

Have you ever been to the TwoRuba?  What’s your favourite cocktail?

12 June 2017

My Five Favourite Places to Listen to Audiobooks

As I’m sure you are aware by now I like to read. In fact when I get into a really big reading mode I get frustrated when I can’t read every second of the day.  I also hate wasted time so anytime I'm on the tube, walking somewhere, or just have any spare time where I am not doing something productive I get frustrated if I can’t read.  At the moment with all traveling I’ve been doing I’ve not been reading as much as usual, you’d think that with the flights etc I’d have plenty of time to reach for my book but I’ve found my brain just isn’t in the right mode.  This is where BookBeat comes in. All the times when I want to read but can’t, I can plug into a book and listen away, and even when I don’t have the energy to read on a long flight I can still chill out and listen instead.  I’ve been using BookBeat for a couple of months now and here are my favourite places to listen to audiobooks on the go.  

On the tube
I love reading on the tube, it’s a great way to gear up my brain on the way to work, or switch it off after.   I’ve been so deep into a book at times that I’ve just completely missed my stop. With rush hour however, having the space to pull out a book isn’t always possible, but I can always be plugged into my phone to listen to an audiobook.

On a plane or train
I usually fly budget so if I’m flying with Ryanair I don’t even have a seat pocket to put my book in and with Easyjet I can't have a secondary small bag to carry my book in. So unless I want to wrestle it out of my carryon case on the plane it leaves me a bit stuck.  However I can just haven my pocket and be instantly listening to anything I want without having to worry about the bulk.  The same goes with being on a train, I can just plug in while I work away on my laptop or just loose myself in a story.

Doing chores at home
Let me tell you something, I hate housework!  The only thing that gets me through cleaning or any housework is distracting myself with Netflix, but it’s not practical as I move around the house and can be too distracting.  With audiobooks I can play it out loud throughout the flat or walk around with me headphones in and make it much more enjoyable.  

Walking through London
One thing I do a lot more of since I’ve moved to London is walk.  Generally if a place is under an hour away and the weather isn’t crappy I’ll walk it, and even longer if I have the time to spare.  It’s the best way to up my step count and it's how I find so many hidden gems in London, I love exploring my city.  However if I’m not listening to something I can become aware that I am just alone with my thoughts while walking which can de-motivates me, getting lost in an audio book makes these walks even more enjoyable.  Even Stephen Fry is a fan!  

In the bath
Reading in the bath is one of life's little luxuries, but whose got their book wet while doing it?  In fact I do it every time, I’ve even completely submerged a book a couple of times!  With audiobooks I can just connect my phone to my wireless speakers and let myself be taken to another world and really relax!

Check out my other post on why i’m giving audiobooks another try, don’t forget you can use this special code to get a month free.  Where’s your favourite place to listen to audiobooks?
I'm writing this honest post about my experience with BookBeat for a years free trial.

9 June 2017

They Call Me Mellow Yellow: Wedding Outfit

The sun is out and the wedding season is in full flow!  I know a lot of people get sick of it but I love the chance to dress up and see friends and family, plus I’ve only been to a couple of weddings in my adult life so I’m not at breaking point yet like I know some are.

You might have seen in my Weekly Vlog: May post that I attended a stunning family wedding in Maidstone last month and I needed an equally gorgeous dress to go along with it.  I haven't bought any clothes in months as I’ve been putting all my spare cash into travelling and trying to reduce my overflowing closets, so I felt like I deserved to treat myself.

Now if you have even a passing interest in vintage fashions I’m sure you will have heard of vivien of holloway.  They are one of the most well known vintage repo brands, and with good reason. There dresses are high quality, based on real vintage styles and are beautiful.  They are usually out of my price range, I have owned a couple of their dresses in the past but I sold them this year as they hadn’t fit me in a long time and both were gifts. However this year there was something new in the air, vivien of holloway had a huge sale in their store in Holloway (where else) so I headed down for some bargain hunting!  I did have a dress style in mind but I ended up going for something safer and closer to my usual style.  It was very busy as is expected and a little stressful as you could only try on 5 items at once before re-joining the queue if you wanted to try on more (which was quite a queue!) and I’d got my sizing wrong the first try on session so that was a whole half hour waisted!  Finally I sorted out my sizing and settled on this yellow number:
Perfect for a spring/ summer wedding don’t you think?  I love the colour, it’s not my usual shade of canary yellow that I reach for, it’s slightly more toned down which works for more formal events.  While the dress might look simple and almost plain the quality of VOH really makes the difference, the higher neck and boning in the upper half really give you shape and the full skirt gives a true 50’s feel.  The quality of the dresses here compared to some other lower cost vintage repo brands is insurmountable.  The materials are cut beautifully in a way that really makes a difference to your shape and doesn't crease or pull easily.  The shapes are more true to what you would find in genuine vintage items and the cut is flattering for all shapes.  

I also picked up this white bolero while I was there and if I’m honest it’s one I would probably only wear for special occasions, rather then every day use as I prefer a more full sleeve.  I was unsure about the boxy shape at first but I do think its flattering with the dress and pulls the white and yellow together.
I wore my white Lindy Bop petticoat which you might recognise from my 50's party post to add some shape.  I love it as although it is a budget petticoat it has a lining (so no scratchy legs) and gives a good amount of volume.  It’s a pale pink colour but the length can’t be seen with this dress so it didn’t bother me although I would like to add a shorter white one to my arsenal.  Under my skirt I was wearing my Tortz anti-chafing shorts to stop the inevitable chub rub when I don't wear tights. They are comfortable and lightweight and I couldn't really tell I was wearing them, which is exactly what I wanted.
The shoes are B.A.I.T which I mentioned in my Ladies Day post, I picked them up in a Black Friday sale a few years ago and they’ve become a pair of my vintage favourites.  You might have read in my London Insta-walks post or in my vlogs that I’d sprained my foot pretty badly so I only wore these for a few hours before switching to some cheap Primark flats after the ceremony.  You can sort of see in the pictures how much bigger one foot is then the other, you have to make a sacrifice for fashion sometimes right?  

I kept my accessories simple as ever, the white bag is an old Primark fave you may recognise from one of my first ever vintage fashion posts, also about a wedding outfit.  The white straw material gives a hint of tiki style and has enough space for necessary makeup touch ups, my phone and a small camera and of course my purse. I love this bag!  The white flower hair clip I picked up in the Collectif sale a couple of years ago and the hair barrettes I got from Amazon, they are great but struggle to stay in my hair as it is so thick. I did attempt to do a true 50's hair set and to be honest it didn't really work out, I am still terrified of the bush out so it doesn't look right but it did last which is more then I normally get when I try it. The perl necklace was a charity shop find seen in a lot of my posts including the Autumn in Spring post. The lipstick was a new one for me, it's Fever by Chloe Ferry. To be honest I have no interest in Geordie Shore so I had no idea who Chloe was but I do love liquid to matte lipstick so I had to give it a try. I find that you had to be really careful in applying, making sure you are removing all the excess product, so that you get an even application. Otherwise you will end up with darker areas which isn't a good look. However once it's on, it's on! Mine didn't budge the whole day through all the food and drinks, and it even came off easily at the end of the day without staining my lips, I actually think this is even better then my Jeffree Star liquid to matt lipsticks in regards to last and ease of removal.

All together I actually ended up loving this outfit and I plan on wearing it for at least one more wedding and a christening this year, it’s just so perfect for the summer months! What’s your favourite wedding outfit? Also, these pictures were taken on my Harry's Google Pixel phone instead of my camera as I didn't take it with me, what do you think? Did they come out ok?
*The Chloe Ferry Lipstick and Tortz shorts were both sent to me for review, all words and opinions are my own.

5 June 2017

Weekly Vlogs: May

Hey guys!  So as I turned 29 at the start of this month and I am quickly heading towards the last big 3-0 so I thought why not document the last year of my twenties!  So I've given myself the goal of documenting what I get up to every week this year as I head towards my thirties.  Here's what I've been up to so far:
In my first week I celebrated my birthday fairly quietly due to a very badly sprained ankle but I didn't let that stop me heading to Liverpool to celebrate a 50th birthday that weekend!  I had a great time at the Cavan Club and exploring the gorgeous Albert Docks.  I also share some PR mail with you as well as my birthday haul.
In the second week I headed over to Maistone in Kent for my first trip to this gorgeous area of the country, for an equally gorgeous wedding.  Both the wedding and hotel was stunning.  I also checked out some theatre and did some summer reading this week.  
I combined weeks 3 & 4 as I have done a lot of travelling these last few weeks, hitting up Krakow, Bath and Bristol (separate vlogs on all these coming soon!).  So I combined what was left of the weeks together and it consisted of a lot of theatre and one seriously cool event featuring Pixie Lotte for Kiss Cosmetics.  I share my goodie bag with you as well as some nail based PR mail.

So that's what I've been up to in May so far, It's sure been a busy one.  I'm learning as I go so I'd love some feedback if you have any.  I would love it if you subscribed to my channel, let me know if you have one and I'll take a look.  On to June!

1 June 2017

Does Glasgow Deserve its Reputation as the Friendliest City?

This is a bit of an unusual blog post from me. it's less along the lines of tips and travel ideas and more of a story of how I feel in love with a city a little bit more thanks to it’s sweet citizens.
Scotland has a bit of a mixed reputation.  On the one hand people often see Scotland’s residents as aggressive and abrasive, but on the other hand they have a reputation of being incredibly friendly, and none more so than Glasgow who have even adopted People Make Glasgow as their motto.  So which is correct?
Despite Glasgow's outdated reputation as an unsavoury city, as a female solo traveler I can honestly say I never once felt threatened or uncomfortable.  Even when taking the subway after dark or walking back to my AirBNB late at night away from the busier tourist areas, I felt completely at ease.  There were a few small indications of the city’s friendly-ness early on in the trip.  On the train up from London the Glaswegian working in the cafe gave me a free coffee for my patience when he was dealing with some card machine issues, and everywhere I went people would say hi or smile as you passed in the street.  So far so good, but nothing that is so different then when you head anywhere outside of London.  That is until I went for dinner.
On my first day in the city I had arrived just after midday on an unseasonably sunny day in early April.  I had walked my feet off so when I checked into me AirBNB (use my code to get £30 off your first stay over £55) I struggled to get myself going to get back out again for dinner.  Eventually and much later than planned I freshened up and convinced my aching body to head back into town towards Paesano Pizza.  I arrived I sat at my table for one, happy to indulge in my solo pizza experience and ignore the world.  Then five minutes later a party of six were seated next to me, two middle aged couples and their son and his partner.  Next thing I know they are chatting to me, sitting at my table and asking me a ton of questions about where I’m from, what I’m doing in Glasgow and singing my praises for traveling solo just to explore.  I was taken aback, this just would never happen down south!  They said they’d leave me to eat but not before pulling my table up to theirs so I could eat with them.  They even insisted I ate some of the sides they’d ordered to try (and oh my god I’m glad they did, they were delish!).  I honestly had such a laugh and they were such lovely, friendly people.  They even gave me tips on how to save money on my second day and where I must visit in my limited time there.
I finished my meal and they offered to put me in a taxi but I insisted I was fine to go alone and got back on the subway.  I was buzzing from this interaction, it just wouldn’t happen anywhere else!  The next morning I was leaving my Airbnb guess what?  There they were!  It turns out they lived nearby so I had another chat with them and they said they’d have made me share a taxi with them if they knew how close by I’d be.
So there you have it.  It might not be a crazy, ground-breaking travel story but just a nice, friendly interaction that’s stayed with me.  Isn’t this what Glasgow means when it prides itself on it’s friendly status?
Do you have any similar stories from your travels?
*Contains affiliate links for AirBNB that I am using because they are a genuinely great company.

28 May 2017

5 Guys Chillin' at The King's Head Theatre

5 Guy’s Chillin tells the honest, funny and sometimes uncomfortable stories that come out when a group of five LGBTQ+ men meet up for a ‘chill’.  For the uninitiated, a chill-out in LGBTQ+ culture is when people, often strangers, are invited over to a house to relax, often it’s the comedown from a 'chemsex' session at another home.  This sometimes involves drugs and sex, but not always.  It’s essentially the after party after the after-party and usually involves smaller groups.  

What stood out for me most about this performance is how amazingly it is written and acted by every performer.  It is almost as if you are watching a documentary rather than something theatrical, the conversations are that natural and realistic.  It’s like literally viewing a snapshot into someone's life.  It’s both laugh out loud funny and deeply poignant, putting a spotlight on so many relatively new aspects of LGBTQ+ culture yet untouched in theatre.  There is no subject too raw to be discussed here, and it is tackled in such an honest conversational way, from 'chemsex', to heavy drug taking, to rape, to HIV in the modern age, to STD’s and lots more.  Yet it never feels as though it is trying to be overly political or at all preachy.  Nothing is brought up in an over dramatic manner, not even when the script turns dark.  Here silence instead of dramatics, speak louder.  It’s an open conversation and look at the direction LGBTQ+ culture is heading in in the modern world.

Even the effect of drugs is portrayed in a unique way here, with the characters slowly becoming more open as the effects take place, without being too over dramatic or sudden as is often see in performances that involve drug consumption.  Every character is unique and completely believable in their speech, actions and beliefs, a credit to both the writing and the performances.  There isn't one part that is performed anything less than perfectly here.  

This is a natural look into a part of the culture that as of yet has not often been touched upon.  It leaves questions open to the audience.  Does this new technologically driven method of finding casual sex leave the LGBTQ+ community vulnerable to dangers?  Does it create a fear of intimacy and true friendships?  Or is it the ultimate completion of what people have been looking for all along?

Catch 5 Guy’s Chillin’ at The king’s Head theatre until the the 3rd of June.  

26 May 2017

Blush at The Soho Theatre

Blush, currently showing at the Soho theatre, covers the emotive and very relevant topic of revenge porn.  With the passing of new laws throughout the world to try and tackle this modern issue, Blush looks into why people act the way they do online and how this can affect people's lives.

The two performers play three female and two male characters covering all sides of revenge porn, from the senders, to the receivers, to other family members.  The primary emotions at play here are anger and humiliation, making it a raw, honest performance that at times can be hard to watch.

The male characters are both blokey, slightly cocky characters, which can come across a bit stereotypical, and would have benefitted from a tad more subtlety to bring the characters to life.  Gestures for all characters aired on the side of the obvious and theatrical and could do with some finesse.  Some characters did seem to be more realistic than others however, the young woman who posts pictures of her boyfriend seems the most interesting and believable, and is well performed by Charlotte Josephine however sadly, other characters seemed to be unrealistic.  In particular the young girl who is a victim of revenge porn who acts much younger than the early 20’s that she describes herself as.  Although she is supposed to be a young woman, she has a complete naivety about technology, social media and relationships.  The way she speaks makes her come across as a pre-teen, which causes some confusion and leaves it open to the possibly dangerous interpretation of stupidity in a performance that should be fighting to show the opposite.

One of the male characters discussed the psychology used in getting people addicted to mobile games in relation to a TED talk, and made a really interesting comparison as to why people use social media and send photos, whilst managing to avoid victim blaming.  The reward part of the brain getting a good reaction to images of themselves can be addictive, and it was brought in to the performance in a really smart, natural way.

The humour aspects in the play could do with work, as unfortunately they barely land and this could have added a bit more depth to the performance as a whole.  I also found the characters to lack distinction throughout some areas of the performance, especially the male characters, which did cause some confusion.  The female characters did seem to become more distinct as the play continued and the show really got into it’s stride.  The performance really hits it’s peak during the poetic sections, here the honesty, anger and pacing really hit home in a powerful way.  Around ¾’s through the play the energy really builds to make an energetic and truly powerful scene which was the definite high point in which both actors shine.

Overall it’s an OK performance, with moments of real passion and prevalence, that gets let down in other areas making it sadly forgettable.  This could be a great performance with some re-working.

24 May 2017

10 Types of PR Emails Bloggers Receive

Last week I decided to finally have a clear out of my blog email and delete all those irrelevant, odd and sometimes hilarious press releases we all get.  I realised near the end that I should have made a vlog out of it as some of them are so damn funny, and often not intentionally.  I thought I’d share with you the types of PR emails I think all us bloggers have received:

The hilariously bad press release
These are ones where the products are just so funny, ridiculous or impractical you feel bad for the PR person sending out out.  They must know that they are trying to push something ridiculous; make up for your dog, waterproof oven gloves, anti-ageing for your baby, whatever it is they’ve been given the product and they have to push it, no matter how crazy it may be.  PR person, I feel for you in this one.  

The insult you so you take less money
I think every blogger has received one of these at some point.  The email starts well, they want to collab, but they want you cheap so they chuck in an insult to make you feel bad and take their crappy offer.  Something along the lines of “given your low audience readership I can only offer you XX” or “We are working with much bigger bloggers so we only have XX for you”.  Usually they’ve not even asked for your numbers so you just know they are making it up as they go.  If you do these you can be sure I won’t want to work with you, no matter what your offering.  

The serial follow-upper
You get an email, and it’s generic, impersonal or you're not interested so you don’t think it warrants a response or you're busy and forget.  The next thing you know you are getting follow up emails every other day ‘did you see my email yesterday, have you had time to think it over, please reply’ etc.  I even get follow ups to follow ups!  Take a hint guys!  

The personal project
These are the people who’ve got something they created themselves, often a self-published book or a bag design they’ve come up with, and they’ve heard in a self marketing class somewhere that working with bloggers is a good, cheap way of getting your stuff promo-ed.  The issue is that they have no idea how to work with bloggers and don’t really know what they want from you, so these usually go nowhere, they just want a plug.  I do feel for these people and try to help them out but it can be so hard to work with people when it’s there ‘baby’.  

The exposure pusher
We have no budget, but we might share on twitter to our 500 followers”.  Bye Felicia!

The “free now, might be paid in the future
This is the sister of the exposure pusher, they want you to do the marketing now for free, and maybe one day if they suddenly find a load of cash and decide to actually give you something in return for a future project.  They have no idea what these projects are, when or if they might happen and you’ve already worked for free so why would they bother?  They need you to cling onto that hope!

The infographic lover
Infographics seem to finally be going out of fashion at the moment but god have I had a ton of them sent to me over the last few years in the hope that I will chuck one up on my blog for no reason, maybe they think we will just be distracted by the colours?  Oh and they are almost always irrelevant to my blog.  Speaking of which…

The irrelevant
You get an email sent to you “dear blogger” so you feel really special, and it’s about something completely irrelevant for you and your blog.  I get children’s toy info sent to me every week, clothes for tall people, products for blonde hair etc, it’s endless.  

The body shamer
The ‘beach body ready’ ‘change your fat ass now’ pr emails usually from people trying to promote some kind of weigh powder, diet drink or tea that makes you shit yourself.  It uses some kind of vague, badly worded insult to make you feel bad about yourself so you try it, I have no time for this.  Next!  

The good guys
The people who’ve actually looked at your blog, know what you write about, want to work with you fairly and are generally just nice people who want to work with you.  These guys are the best.  Good PRs, keep at it!  

22 May 2017

How I spent a weekend in Glasgow for under £95!

When I wrote my post about How I traveled and stayed in Edinburgh for under £100 I mentioned that I wanted to try and do a similar thing in Glasgow next time a seat sale came around.  Well not only did I do that, but I managed to spend less than £100 the whole weekend including travel, eating and exploring!  Here’s how:

My return from London to Glasgow cost £14 each way, so just £28 for the full return!  Even as I type this I am struggling to believe it, I had to double check.  This is even cheaper then I managed for Edinburgh.  I managed this using the techniques I shared in my How to Get the Best Deals Out from Virgin Seat Sales post to grab this bargain.  

Glasgow is a very walkable city so once I got there I didn’t need to use public transport much, but I did get a return on the subway from my Airbnb to central Glasgow for dinner on the first night as I was exhausted and I kinda just wanted to try it out.  This cost £3.10 for a return and is much cheaper if you have a Smartcard which I didn’t as I was only there for 2 days.   
As I mentioned in my Glasgow Cheap Eats post, I was surprised at the variety, and the price of the food available in Glasgow.  For full details check out that post but everything I ate came in at less than £30, that included two large dinners and a couple of good lunches.

Once again my favourite discovery this year, Airbnb, came to the rescue of a solo traveler and I got a room in a nice flat just the other side of the river for £33 (including a £5 Airbnb fee).  To be honest I could have got somewhere cheaper and in a nicer flat for less but I left it really late to book and when I’m traveling alone I like to stay with a female host, that’s a me thing but it’s what makes me feel safe.  

£0.  Yep I spent exactly £0 on my two days exploring Glasgow!  I spent two full days exploring parks, visiting museums, monuments, cathedrals, graveyards and more and none of it cost me a penny!  There are so many free things to do in Glasgow that I did this without even trying.  

Overall total
Under £95

Honestly, isn’t that amazing!  I really think Glasgow is overlooked as a city break and it has so much to offer.  I’ll definitely be back at some point to explore more.  It’s a gorgeous, trend city with so much to see and do, I loved it.

Have you visited Glasgow?  What did you get up to?  
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